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Workplace accident: Different hazards pose burn injury risks

It is said that some of the most severe workplace accidents are those that involve burn injuries. Statistics reported by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration indicate that approximately 200 of the estimated 5,000 employees treated annually in hospitals for burns in Texas and other states succumb to their injuries. Employers must ensure proper safety training and protective equipment are provided as a workplace accident may result in one of many types of burn injuries.

There are three common types of burn injuries that can cause severe skin damage, and complications that may follow include infection, shock and even cardiac arrest. Chemical burns are caused by corrosive, synthetic substances and can lead to severe burns to soft tissue such as eyes, ears, skin and even internal organs. These hazardous chemicals are commonly present in oxidizers, thinning agents, solvents and acids.

55-year-old cyclist in stable condition after bicycle accident

When cycling on Texas roads that are shared with vehicular traffic, bicycle riders are extremely vulnerable. While vehicle operators are protected by the body of the car, cyclists have very little protection -- even if they are wearing helmets. Depending on the severity of a bicycle accident, injuries may include fractured bones and back injuries, or even other catastrophic injuries, such as brain trauma.

Officers of the Mount Pleasant Police Department were called to what was reported as a hit-and-run accident that involved a bicycle in the early evening of a recent Saturday. A 55-year-old cyclist was found to have suffered injuries when he was struck by a vehicle. Although it was reported as a hit-and-run incident, police said that the elderly driver who allegedly knocked down the cyclist was found close-by and had not fled the scene.

Family sues after Texas truck accident that kills 5, injures 12

When companies hire truck drivers, they must ensure that drivers are competent and know the rules of the road. Truck drivers who don't recognize the dangers of speeding and following other vehicles too closely threaten the safety of other road users. A tragic truck accident occurred on a Texas highway recently when a truck driver allegedly failed to keep a safe following distance.

It was reported that the chain of events was set off by one car smashing into the wall in the center of Interstate 30. Several other cars stopped to assist the occupants of that car. An approaching 18-wheeler apparently failed to stop in time and erupted in flames after plowing into several stationary vehicles on the shoulder of the highway.

Hit-and-run driver surrenders -- wrongful death claim may follow

Texas law generally requires drivers to stop at the scene of an auto accident when there are possible injuries or property damage. In some instances, drivers may choose to flee the scene of the accident. If any deaths or injuries resulted from such an accident, a driver who fled might face wrongful death or personal injury claims when they are identified. Fortunately, in many cases, police are able to track down a hit-and-run driver.

A 31-year-old man recently surrendered to Dallas police on the evening following a fatal hit-and-run accident in the early morning of Easter Sunday. The man apparently recorded a statement on video, admitting to driving the vehicle that killed a pedestrian and then leaving the scene. The police reportedly inspected the man's car when they arrested him at his home and found damage consistent with such an accident.

2 Boy Scouts have to live with scars after severe burn injuries

When one's children are in the care of an organization, one would expect that they will be safe. Organizers of events for children are responsible for providing proper supervision to prevent incidents that could cause injuries. Texas parents of boys who are members of the Boy Scouts may be interested in the fate of two boys in another state who recently landed in the hospital after suffering burn injuries that may leave them with the scars for life.

Not many details were available, but it was reported that one 11-year old and one 15-year old Boy Scout were attending a craft project presented by the organization. Fire officials said the boys were using aluminum cans to build a small camp stove. While under adult supervision, the boys mixed flammable chemicals to fuel the stove. It was apparently during this process that an explosion or flash fire occurred.

Spinal cord damage often has life-altering consequences

There are large numbers of people in Texas and other states who have suffered spinal injuries and have to deal with the consequences. Car accidents often cause spinal cord damage for victims. Other common causes include falls, sports injuries and even gunshot wounds. Certain diseases may also cause injuries to the spine, such as Polio and Spina Bifida.

The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves that connects to the brain from where functions such as movement are controlled. It is encased in the spinal column, which consists of a number of vertebrae. The severity of injuries depends on the level of damage that was caused by the incident. Some victims suffer damage to the vertebrae, which can cause extended periods of pain. If the spinal cord is damaged, the victim may suffer paralysis.

Wrongful death claim for 2010 death scheduled for April trial

Texas residents may recall the tragic death of a businessman in a hotel room in Beaumont in September of 2010. Although the man's death was initially determined to have been the result of natural causes, a thorough investigation that ended nine months later revealed that a gunshot wound left the man dead in his hotel room. The surviving spouse filed a wrongful death claim in 2012, and that case is now scheduled to go to trial in April of this year.

The hotel and the company that was responsible for security on the night of the incident, along with three guests were named as defendants in the case. The lawsuit states that the businessman was in a room adjacent to the one where three of the defendants were allegedly being extremely disruptive while partaking in some heavy drinking. Sometime during the evening, one of the three guests apparently fetched a firearm from a vehicle in the parking lot and dropped the loaded gun on the bed. A shot reportedly went off, traveling through the wall where it hit the businessman in the next room.

Fathers suffers brain injury in fall off Texas bridge

The father of a 12-year-old Texas girl was severely injured in a car accident during a recent snowstorm. Driving in such conditions is typically hazardous and requires excellent driving skills. A 58-year old driver suffered a brain injury and a torn aorta after falling off a bridge.  He also suffered five fractured vertebrae and a fractured wrist.

Reportedly, the man was driving his pickup truck over a bridge on Interstate 30 in Rockwall. His truck was apparently struck by another vehicle, and the pickup driver called 911 after his vehicle stopped. He got out to check on the other driver, but had to jump away to avoid a third car that came sliding toward him. By then, he was on the edge of the slippery bridge that was about 20 feet above the ground below. Authorities say that he lost his footing and fell off the bridge.

Wrongful death claims may follow fatal Texas accident

Understandably, losing a loved one in a car accidents is devastating. In addition to the emotional trauma, surviving family members typically have to cope with end-of-life arrangements and expenses while grieving. The situation is even more distressing when a life are taken in an accident that could have been prevented. While no monetary compensation will relieve the grief, a successful wrongful death claim in a Texas civil court may lead to compensation that will ease the financial burden brought about by such a tragedy.

Authorities urged drivers to reduce traveling speeds and maintain safe following distances in adverse weather conditions after a tragic accident that recently claimed the lives of two occupants of a car in Smith County. Reportedly, a 30-year-old pickup truck driver crossed from the southbound into the northbound lanes of a local highway, causing a head-on collision with an SUV carrying six people. The reason for crossing the center line of the roadway is yet to be determined.

Worker suffers paralysis but boss offers no workers' compensation

Construction workers in Texas are asking for better protection. They seek proper safety training and adequate rest breaks. While other states require employers to provide workers' compensation insurance, it is optional in Texas. This leaves many workers destitute after workplace accidents that often cause catastrophic injuries that may lead to paralysis, paraplegia or even death.

It is claimed that more construction worker deaths occur in Texas than in other states, and those who are fortunate enough to survive construction accidents commonly face a multitude of hardships. An example of a family's suffering is a roofer who fell from a height of about 20 feet while working on a roof of a building under construction. According to the report, the man and his wife held full-time jobs to generate funds for their daughter's studies. However, the tragic accident left the worker paralyzed below his chest.

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