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  • Kahl v. Licker - a wrongful death case
  • Knight v. Dr. Steele & East Texas Anesthesiology
  • Kenyon v. Jerry Mooty, Jr. - a personal injury case
  • Avance v. H.B. Zackry Co. et al. - an automobile accident case
  • Burns v. Caterpillar - a products liability case
  • Skrine v. Victory Gym & Fitness - a personal injury case
  • Castleman v. America's Favorite Chicken - a work injury case
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Mesquite Personal Injury Law Blog

Causes and consequences of traumatic brain injury

A minor collision between two vehicles in Texas can result in serious injuries or death for the driver or passenger who suffers a blow to the head. According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, motor vehicle accidents pose the greatest risk of traumatic brain injury in teenagers and adults up to 44 years of age.

Traumatic brain injury accounts for 30 percent of all deaths due to injury in this country. Survivors of a TBI may face an extended recovery period with rehabilitation and long-term care. Long-term effects of TBI may include personality changes, impaired memory, depression, hearing and vision impairment, and diminished cognitive skills.

Airbags allegedly causing consumer death instead of saving lives

After seat belts, the most touted safety device in motor vehicles over the past few decades has been the airbag. Considered by many to be a life-saving device in many types of accidents, they are still subject to certain limitations.

For example, in most cars, an option is available to disable an airbag when a young child or someone else who might be injured is in the seat when the airbag inflates. But several lawsuits are now alleging that the airbags themselves can be deadly, even to an adult driver.

Aviation accidents require specialized legal knowledge

In an effort to calm nervous passengers about to take a flight, people often mention how rare plane accidents or crashes are. The fact that a plane crash often gets so much media attention can be linked to how uncommon they are, but it may also be because they are almost always very serious and the likelihood of permanent injury and death to the crew and passengers is increased because of the speed at which an airplane travels.

A plane crash can occur for many reasons that can be traced to the negligence or carelessness of the people charged with your safety as you fly. Weather conditions may make flying hazardous, the airlines may ignore warnings that it is particularly dangerous to fly in order to maximize profits, or a negligent pilot may fail to land the plane safely. If you are injured as a result, you may be able to obtain compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

Children's products can be defective and dangerous

It's about that time of year when parents across the country are searching for the best toys to give their children for the holidays. Perhaps a mom is looking to buy some products for a new baby.

Simply put, it's important to be an educated consumer. Unfortunately, product designers and manufacturers are not immune to creating faulty products that can severely injure children. A recent article discusses the top five dangerous recalled child products.

Motorists' products liability concerns may extend beyond vehicles

In many products liability actions involving motorists and their vehicles, some defect in the vehicle itself is the focus of the products liability suit. The ongoing General Motors investigation referenced in this blog in a previous post is a recent example of this phenomenon. But sometimes the defective product is not the automobile itself, but a part of the infrastructure that drivers must travel.

A guardrail manufactured by Trinity Industries, Inc. has been the subject of lawsuits filed in several states, including Texas, alleging that an alteration made in the guardrail to save money has resulted in the deaths of four people and has contributed to injuries for ten others.

Brain injuries can require expensive, long-term rehabilitation

Any type of injury can cause anxiety for a patient and his or her loved ones. But certain types of injuries seem to cause even more concern. Brain injuries are one of those. Because the brain basically affects everything else that happens in the human body, an injury to that organ can be among the most serious that someone can suffer.

Because of the potential for permanent damage from a brain injury, a diagnostic tool has been developed for the use of medical professionals examining a person with a suspected brain injury.

The role of FAA regulations as evidence in aviation accidents

It has been said that statistically speaking, commercial aviation is the safest way to travel. While this may be true, the fact remains that when an aircraft accident occurs, many times it leaves few if any witnesses alive to tell the story of what happened to cause the crash.

For government investigators and family members of anyone who perished in a fatal aviation accident, the potential lack of availability of witness testimony presents challenges in identifying what led to the accident. Often, what is most important in the investigation is careful examination of the crash site itself, as well as recovery of flight data recorders. Another possible source of data can be the records of those who built, operated and maintained the plane itself.

Authorities investigating medical helicopter crash

Paramedics sometimes risk their lives to save those of others, especially in an aviation accident. Their skill and speed are usually the difference between life and death for many people in critical condition. Because of this, they employ various means of transport in moving patients quickly to hospitals to get treatment that is more effective. Sometimes this means using aircraft to move sick or critically injured patients.

Occasionally, though, emergency personnel find themselves in need of help. A recent aviation accident in Texas has brought this fact to the forefront, when an air evacuation helicopter crashed leaving one person dead.

Who is eligible to sue for wrongful death in Texas?

One of the key considerations in any wrongful death lawsuit is the determination of who is eligible to file such a lawsuit. The Texas statute governing wrongful death cases provides guidance in answering this question.

Wrongful death actions are generally understood to be for the benefit of immediate family members of the decedent, and the provisions of the Texas statute are in keeping with this understanding.

Long hours of fracking workers causing danger on Texas roads

It would be hard to deny the positive economic impact the fracking boom has had in Texas over the last several years, but progress is often accompanied by challenges. One of the challenges of the oil patch culture is the commuting worker, or more specifically, the dangers that accompany the long hours and long commutes required to keep their jobs in the booming industry.

Statistics show that fatalities have increased on Texas roads where the workers travel.  Interstate 20, which runs through Mesquite and the Dallas area, has had more triple fatality accidents – where three or more people are killed – than other Texas interstates. 

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