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Mesquite Personal Injury Law Blog

Facts about brain injury

A single blow to the head can have catastrophic effects on the remainder of your life, and in many cases, it can leave you needing long-term or permanent care. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that 1.7 million people suffer traumatic brain injuries every year in America, and that TBIs play a role in about 30 percent of all injury-related fatalities in the United States. Because TBIs vary considerably and no two brain injuries are exactly alike, the symptoms associated with each can fluctuate from one victim to the next. Furthermore, symptoms tend to vary based on the severity of the TBI. Here is an overview of symptoms commonly associated with TBIs.

Friendly golf game ends in brain injury after violent argument

Golf has long been considered a gentleman's game. It is different from many sports in that the rules are generally enforced by the players themselves, and the behavior of the participants is typically polite and civil. However, a recent afternoon round of golf proved that assumption to be wrong after a dispute over an ill-shot ball escalated into violence that left one Texas man with a brain injury.

A 27-year-old man and his three friends were just ending their late afternoon game at a golf club when a ball from another foursome was hit toward them. When the man picked up the ball and threw it off the green, an argument ensued between the two groups. One man from the other group swung his club at the 27-year-old's head, knocking him to the ground. Reportedly, the man continued to beat him with the club.

Man may face wrongful death suit after backhoe accident

Family members of a young woman who died recently in a bizarre accident are undoubtedly waiting for information about the man believed responsible. Indeed, many people in Texas are wondering what motivated the man to act so recklessly. In addition to the potential criminal charges that may be filed against him, there is also a possibility that the family of the woman may file a wrongful death claim.

The strange incident began when the man allegedly stole a backhoe from the town's water department early on a recent Sunday morning. With no lights on, he took the machine onto the freeway and headed south in the northbound lane. The front end loader then struck the passenger side of an SUV, killing the 20-year-old passenger instantly. The 22-year-old woman who was driving the SUV also suffered injuries and was taken to the hospital.

Car crash claims the life of a man in front of his own house

When driving long distances, it may cross one's mind that an accident is possible. However, to be involved in a car crash before one has even left home seems inconceivable. Nevertheless, the family and friends of a 52-year-old Texas man are in shock following an accident that took his life right in front of his house.

The accident occurred around 3 p.m. one afternoon when police noticed a pickup truck swerving in the road. When the officer attempted to stop the truck, the 20-year-old driver accelerated and lost control of the vehicle. The truck slammed into the smaller pickup driven by the man who was just leaving his house.

Samsung recalls another defective product after reported injuries

The beleaguered Samsung Corporation is facing yet another disaster. After dealing with reports that its top model cell phones were exploding and catching fire, Samsung issued a massive recall and lost millions replacing the defective product. Just as that story began to fade from headlines, another Samsung product is allegedly putting people at risk, including a woman in Texas.

Although she escaped injury, the woman has a hole in the wall of her garage from parts of her washing machine that exploded during the spin cycle. The woman was one of more than 700 customers who recently contacted Samsung to complain of exploding washing machines. So far, nine people have reported injuries ranging from shoulder damage to broken jaws.

Biker suffers brain injury after collision with truck

Even if a rider is wearing a helmet, when a motorcycle is struck by another vehicle, the injuries suffered may be catastrophic. Helmets are worn because most riders in Texas understand how devastating a brain injury can be. Nevertheless, if the driver of a larger motor vehicle, such as a truck, is negligent and collides with a motorcycle, the chances of the biker escaping critical injury may be remote.

In an apparent effort to beat a pack of six motorcycles through an intersection, a 61-year-old man allegedly gunned his pickup through the stop sign. He collided with the pack, sending bikes and their riders in all directions. Four of the men suffered multiple broken limbs, torn muscles, punctured lungs and cracked ribs. Two of them suffered traumatic brain injuries. The lead rider received the worst of the collision and was left lying in the road with no pulse after being thrown 40 feet.

Traumatic brain injury can lead to neurodegenerative disease

If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) from a work-related accident, you already know how difficult it is to cope with the changes caused by the brain injury. A TBI can cause headaches, nausea, sleep disturbance and difficulty in thinking. One thing you may not be aware of is that a brain injury can also increase the risk of developing a neurodegenerative disease.

Long-term effects despite perceived recovery

In many cases, the cognitive and physical symptoms of brain trauma fade with time. This can make those suffering from a TBI feel that they have experienced a full recovery. However, the most devastating consequences of TBI may not appear until years or even decades after the initial accident. Traumatic brain injury is a well-documented non-genetic risk factor for developing neurodegenerative diseases.

Texas boy killed by truck may lead to wrongful death claim

A Texas high school is dealing with the tragic death of a student after a young man was struck by a pickup truck and killed on his way to school. The 17-year-old soccer player was a senior who was excited about graduation. Some in the area are suggesting that this is a case of wrongful death, and the blame may not fall entirely on the driver of the truck.

The accident took place when the teenager was attempting to cross the five lane street between the high school and the apartment complex where he lived. When school is in session, the speed limit in the area drops to 20 mph. The woman driving the truck was said to be traveling 35 or 40 mph. However, apparently the flashing lights that warn drivers of the lower speed have not worked for some time.

DUI car crash claims the lives of parents of 3 children

Frequently, Texas drivers encounter road closures due to accidents. They may notice glass or debris in the street, or see markers along the highway indicating the loss of a beloved friend or family member in a car crash. It may not occur to many drivers how devastating that loss can be or who may be left behind to mourn.

Recently, a 49-year-old man attempted to pass another vehicle by crossing the line into the opposite lane. His pickup truck crashed head-on into an SUV carrying a family. Rescue workers said the man driving the SUV and the woman in the passenger seat died within minutes of impact. One of the three children in the SUV was airlifted to a hospital, and the other two children were transported by ambulance. A spokesperson reported that the children would probably survive.

Balloon aviation accident raises cries for stricter regulations

This past July, Texas witnessed the worst hot air balloon accident in the country's history when 16 people died after their balloon hit a power line and burst into flames. One congressman from Texas took it personally when the Federal Aviation Administration rejected his request for more regulations for the balloon tour industry. He notes that the National Transportation Safety Board made a similar request of the FAA in 2014, warning that a balloon aviation accident was imminent. 

According to a letter the FAA sent to the representative, the agency intends to wait for the complete report of the investigation into the deadly balloon crash before making any moves toward stricter regulations. The NTSB has said it may be 16 more months before that report is complete. Meanwhile, the NTSB repeated its own request that the FAA increase regulations of the industry.

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