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  • Smalley v. Koch Industries; Koch Pipeline - a wrongful death case
  • Waldrip v. U-Hall - a personal injury case
  • Wiles v. Ford Motor Company - a products liability case
  • Bjerke v. Pierce Mortuary
  • Kahl v. Licker - a wrongful death case
  • Knight v. Dr. Steele & East Texas Anesthesiology
  • Kenyon v. Jerry Mooty, Jr. - a personal injury case
  • Avance v. H.B. Zackry Co. et al. - an automobile accident case
  • Burns v. Caterpillar - a products liability case
  • Skrine v. Victory Gym & Fitness - a personal injury case
  • Castleman v. America's Favorite Chicken - a work injury case
  • Pinales v. HI LITE Industries - a chemical injury case
  • Ogburn v. Sanmina-SCI Corporation - a personal injury case
  • Dunlap v. Excel Corporation - a personal injury case
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DFW Personal Injury Law Blog

Woman suffers traumatic brain injury at track meet

Traumatic brain injuries typically result from a blow, bump or jolt to the head that disrupts the normal functioning of the brain. While a traumatic brain injury can range in severity from mild to severe, even the mildest TBI can cause changes in a person's physical, emotional or cognitive states and abilities. Victims often require ongoing treatment and extended rehabilitation in health care facilities; even in less severe cases, the care and treatment required are costly.

In a state north of Texas, a woman who suffered a traumatic brain injury will be paid a combined settlement of $350,000 to help with the medical costs and treatment she will undoubtedly need. The woman was attending a high school state track meet in 2014 when she was hit in the head by a discus. Due to the TBI and other injuries, she incurred significant medical expenses.

Fatal car accident kills wife of former Texas Commissioner

A two-vehicle crash occurred on the night of Wednesday, April 5 just before 11 p.m. near Los Fresnos. The fatal car accident claimed the life of the wife of former Texas Health and Human Services Commissioner Chris Traylor. The 53-year-old woman, Laura Lee Traylor, was from Austin.

Investigation into the crash remains ongoing, but state troopers have performed a preliminary investigation. Troopers believe that a Jeep was traveling west when it veered across the center line of State Highway 100 into the opposite lane for reasons that are unknown at this time. The Jeep struck Traylor's vehicle head-on.

Fatal Texas auto wreck claims at least 13 lives

A fatal Texas crash has claimed the lives of at least 13 people to date. The tragic auto wreck between a bus and a pickup truck shut down Highway 83 on March 29. Investigators are still attempting to reconstruct the scene.

Reports indicate that at just after noon that Wednesday, a church bus was returning from a retreat when the collision occurred. The bus was traveling south, carrying 14 people, when a northbound pickup crossed the center line. The head-on collision occurred at a curve in the road where the speed limit was 65 mph.

Can a crib or a stroller be a dangerous product? Study says maybe

For parents of infants in Texas and across the nation, there are certain products -- such as cribs and strollers -- that are essentially must-have items. Mothers and fathers may assume that these baby items go through rigorous testing to ensure their safety for babies, as a dangerous product may prove serious or even fatal to a very young child. Unfortunately, manufacturers seem all too frequently a bit lax in this regard, as every year over 66,000 young children end up in the emergency room after accidents involving dangerous products.

A recent study by Nationwide Children's Hospital found that 80 percent of their ER visits involved babies falling out of items such as strollers, infant carriers and the like. Many of the accidents resulted in concussions and head injuries, which can be especially dangerous for infants. Indeed, items such as baby carriers and cribs are more frequently recalled than any other children's products.

Is the Nutribullet a dangerous product? Lawsuits indicate yes

Dallas-area residents are probably at least familiar with the NutriBullet device, if they do not actually own one themselves. The powerful little blender, which is supposed to be a tool for making – among other dishes -- healthy smoothies, may in fact be a rather dangerous product. The NutriBullet manufacturing is facing a number of complaints after users have suffered severe burns.

The most recent lawsuit names as defendants not just Nutribullet LLC but also three other companies, all connected with some aspect of the device's sale, manufacturing or design. The plaintiff is a man who claims he was almost blinded when the blender exploded. He had filled the device with a hot liquid and began using it when it exploded, causing severe burns all over his face as well as his hands and torso.

Fatal accident in Texas claims 2 lives, injures several

A multi-vehicle crash that occurred on March 6 shut down Highway 380 in Texas for over six hours. The fatal accident killed two people and injured several others. Preliminary information indicates that troopers responded to the scene of the crash at around 2:16 p.m. that Monday afternoon to offer assistance and begin their investigation.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has released information stating that a westbound white SUV driven by a 17-year-old female sideswiped a pickup truck, also traveling west. This caused the pickup to cross into the eastbound lanes, where it collided head-on with another vehicle, driven by an 87-year-old man. His vehicle was then struck by a tanker, which subsequently rolled onto its side.

Car companies allegedly used defective product despite known risk

Residents of Dallas get into their cars and drive to work every day, trusting that if they get into a car accident, the air bags will help keep them safe. A civil lawsuit over a dangerous and defective product that has killed almost a dozen people indicates this belief may be misplaced. Recent court documentation suggests that not only was an overseas company aware that the air bags it manufactures were defective, but that the car companies that purchased them also knew yet continued to use them, ignoring the risks in favor of a greater profit margin.

The U.S. Department of Justice has been investigating the Takata company for some time and is said to have reached a plea deal in early 2017. As part of the agreement, the manufacturing company will pay fines and restitution of $1 billion to victims of its faulty air bags. The company also entered a guilty plea in the criminal proceedings, admitting that its employees doctored data, intentionally omitting and even falsifying information to try to make the air bags seem safer.

Fatal accident in Texas kills driver, injures passenger

An incident of drunk driving has claimed yet another life in a tragic accident that could potentially have been avoided. According to police reports, a man was killed in a fatal accident in Texas early on the morning of Feb. 25. The crash appears to have been caused by a drunk driver, and in addition to the fatality, the incident left another individual seriously injured.

Police report that an intoxicated man was operating his vehicle, an SUV, while under the influence of alcohol at around 3:30 that Saturday morning. Officers on the scene say that the SUV was speeding when it collided with a car. The man driving the car was killed instantly.

Woman files lawsuit after cherry-picker crane causes brain injury

In Texas and elsewhere, an injury to the brain can be one of the most devastating of all types of injuries. Even for those lucky enough to retain cognitive function, a brain injury can leave a person struggling with lifelong health issues. When the injury occurs, it is often difficult to determine just how severe or far-reaching the effects will be, or the degree of medical care that will be required throughout the remainder of the victim's life.

To this end, a woman in another state filed a lawsuit against a signage company after its alleged negligence resulted in a variety of injuries, including a traumatic brain injury. In March 2015, the woman walked by a crane device commonly known as a cherry picker. The company was using the cherry picker to perform work on a sign. As the woman passed beneath it on the sidewalk, the crane operator lowered the bucket without warning.

4 common causes of truck accidents

Commercial trucks present unique risks to motorists and passengers in smaller vehicles. Tractor trailer operators must be aware of the risks associated with their large vehicles and drivers of passenger vehicles must be cautious when sharing the road with trucks. Small mistakes and errors can lead to injuries and fatalities. Even the most skilled and patient truck drivers can cause or contribute to accidents due to the risks associated with the weight and size of their vehicles. Common causes of truck accidents are discussed below.

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