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  • Waldrip v. U-Hall - a personal injury case
  • Wiles v. Ford Motor Company - a products liability case
  • Bjerke v. Pierce Mortuary
  • Kahl v. Licker - a wrongful death case
  • Knight v. Dr. Steele & East Texas Anesthesiology
  • Kenyon v. Jerry Mooty, Jr. - a personal injury case
  • Avance v. H.B. Zackry Co. et al. - an automobile accident case
  • Burns v. Caterpillar - a products liability case
  • Skrine v. Victory Gym & Fitness - a personal injury case
  • Castleman v. America's Favorite Chicken - a work injury case
  • Pinales v. HI LITE Industries - a chemical injury case
  • Ogburn v. Sanmina-SCI Corporation - a personal injury case
  • Dunlap v. Excel Corporation - a personal injury case
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Mesquite Personal Injury Law Blog

What makes brain injuries so challenging to treat?

Traumatic brain injury symptoms include stretches of unconsciousness, amnesia or both; dulled cognitive abilities, like reduced attention span, weakness in limbs, impaired coordination and difficulty maintaining balance, damaged vision and hearing loss, and emotional disorders like anxiety, depression, aggressive impulses, and even personality changes.

The brain is the most powerful of the organs of the human body, but it is also one of the most delicate. It can be easily injured by various forms of head trauma, ranging from simple concussions to penetrative wounds, and when the injury takes place the short and long-term consequences can have a significant effect on the life of the injured individual as well as his or her immediate family.

Brain injury at Texas vacation property raises liability question

During the holidays, many families are planning trips around the country to meet with loved ones. For some families, it is more convenient to meet at a location that is central to them all, staying in a hotel or other vacation property. That convenience may come at a high cost

When you check into a hotel, you can feel pretty confident that your accommodations will be safe since hotels may face liability claims if a guest injured on the property. But many vacationers are choosing another trend, renting another person’s house or vacation home. Unlike hotels, the liability questions when an accident occurs are largely unanswered.

When can I sue a seller for product liability?

Product liability lawsuits have long been associated with causes of action against product manufacturers for items that are defectively designed or manufactured. This is understandable, for who would be in a better position to be aware of such defects and their foreseeable consequences to consumers than the manufacturer?

But product liability also extends beyond manufacturers to sellers as well, although Texas law provides some protections to what are known as "passive" or "innocent" sellers of goods that turn out to be dangerously defective.

Are you in a brass knuckle legal battle? Then turn to us

It is a truism in civil law that most legal disputes will settle before a judge or jury renders a verdict. There are a number of reasons why this is so. Litigation can be expensive and time-consuming, invasive of your privacy, and mentally exhausting. Also, while settlements may lead to a more certain outcome, the results of going to trial are not always apparent at the outset.

So it is little wonder that many attorneys in personal injury matters can go into them with a "settlement mindset." They are looking to make a deal on behalf of their clients, consider the chance of the matter actually going to trial to be remote, and therefore do not engage in thorough preparations for the possibility of litigation. There is nothing necessarily wrong with this approach: many small matters may lend themselves to a negotiated outcome and neither side of the dispute envisions or wants to spend more trying the matter then the disagreement itself is worth.

Who can be held responsible for an aviation accident?

In an earlier post, we discussed the leading causes of aviation accidents. Based on a study conducted by the Federal Aviation Administration, the most common causes of fatal aviation accidents include everything from pilot errors to system failures.

One challenge with having such a wide-ranging list is that it can be very difficult to determine who is responsible when an aviation accident occurs.

Texas AG sues Volkswagen for faulty emission sensors

It isn’t unusual for auto manufacturers to be sued for faulty parts that are dangerous to passengers and others on the road. But Volkswagen has acknowledged that it equipped millions of diesel vehicles with faulty emissions sensors, potentially creating a health risk to anyone breathing air in Texas. About 32,000 of the “clean diesel” vehicles were purchased in the state.

The “defeat devices,” as they are called, could cheat emissions tests to make them compliant with U.S. air quality standards, making the car appear to run cleaner that it actually did. The Texas Attorney General is seeking penalties against the manufacturer, as well as Audi, for violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices-Consumer Protection Act, as well as clean air standards. The suit seeks restitution of over $1 million as well as civil penalties which could amount to $20,000 for each violation of the laws.

Can a child sue for parental brain injury loss of consortium?

The consequences of traumatic brain injuries, particularly those that result in long-term or permanent disability of the injured person, are not always confined to the person who incurred the injury. The damage to the relationships of the injured person with his or her loved ones is also something to be considered in any legal action.

Perhaps the most commonly thought of form of damages that can be sought which are relationship-based are loss of consortium damages on the part of a spouse. But what about children? Can they, too, have a cause of action for loss of parental consortium? Texas courts have answered this question in the affirmative.

What is a traumatic brain injury?

Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI, is a term that relates to a broad variety of conditions, disabilities and symptoms. It can have a devastating effect on those affected and their loved ones. In general, it occurs through accidents or actions that cause damage to the head and by extension, the brain. However, there are serious differences between an ordinary injury and a brain injury. Understanding these differences is important in the victim’s recovery and return to life.

When a person suffers a traumatic brain injury, they can completely change overnight. Whether it’s from tremors, difficulty speaking or reasoning, or sudden and serious personality changes, the person suffering from TBI is completely different than they were even hours before the incident.

A dangerous product can injure even the most reasonable person

When it comes to how courts in Texas attribute fault based on negligence, the law refers to the allegorical “reasonable person” as the standard of whether the defendant can be held liable for your injury. Even though the reasonable person is an artificial construct and not an actual person, he or she will be a key part of building your case against the person you are filing suit against.

It also stands to reason that in addition to holding the defendant to the standard of a reasonable person, you should also try to emulate that mythical individual’s behavior yourself in order to maximize your possible award of damages. But sometimes, no matter how reasonable you are, there is little that you can do to avoid being harmed. This is especially true when it comes to claims of products liability.

What are the leading causes of aviation accidents

From a legal point of view, the causes of aircraft accidents can lead to a wide-ranging examination of who was responsible. Sometimes this can be the pilot; other times the aircraft manufacturer may be at fault. Even poorly-designed or maintained airport facilities or bad decisions by ground personnel can contribute to an injury-causing or fatal aviation mishap. Each such incident requires a thorough investigation of the facts to ensure that all possible legal defendants is identified, and that is one of the key roles of a Texas law firm that practices in aviation accident law.

If there is one thing that the federal government does well, it is to collect statistics. So it should come as no surprise that the Federal Aviation Administration has compiled a large body of information on why aircraft accidents happen, and has even ranked them in order of frequency. Some of these reasons will seem logical to you; others may come as a surprise. We present them here, with some additional comments.

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