What is boating under the influence?

With schools letting out and families flocking to the Gulf, lakes and other bodies of water, boats are becoming a much more common sight. It is also not uncommon to see a much more dangerous activity: boating while drinking. Many people do not consider operating a boat to be the same as operating another vehicle. After all, you’re on the wide open water; why should it matter if you’ve been drinking?

When you look at the facts, it is evident that boating is a major pastime in Texas. There is more inland water here than in any other state. And with nearly 600,000 boats registered, it is evident we enjoy the aquatic lifestyle. But boating can be very dangerous, especially with an intoxicated operator. Texas saw more than 200 boating accidents in 2013, 22 of which included fatalities. In addition, there were also more than 200 boating while intoxicated (BWI) arrests.

It is important to know the laws surrounding BWI. Much like driving under the influence, boating under the influence is all about the operator’s blood alcohol content. Each state has their own limit; in Texas, it is the same as driving — 0.08 percent. Anything higher than that, and you are increasing your chances of causing a fatal crash.

If you have a loved one who was the victim of a fatal boating accident in or near Mesquite, it is imperative you contact a wrongful death attorney immediately. They can help you begin the process of receiving compensation for your emotional toil. While money does not automatically heal your pain after the loss of a loved one, it can help you get back on top of bills that could be piling up.