Tips to build a strong personal injury claim after a car accident

Auto accidents are always unfortunate and inconvenient, but they can be even more devastating if you are injured. If you are hurt during a collision, it is important to takes steps right away to support a potential legal claim. First, you should be skeptical of the initial offer that the insurance adjustor makes. These offers are often lower than the compensation you deserve. To gather evidence and build a viable case, follow these tips after you get into an accident.

Document the scene

The most important pieces of information and documentation to collect after the accident are:

1. Name and insurance information of the other driver

2. Witness names

3. Contact information

4. Photographs

While police reports often include photographs and witness information, these are not always gathered. Make sure to collect this information for yourself. Take pictures of car positions, body damage, road conditions and any skid marks.

Contact the police

If you get into a car accident, involve law enforcement. Having officers present and filing a police report is crucial to establishing the facts of the accident. Collecting information from you, the other parties involved and any witnesses helps you argue your case if the accident was not your fault. The police will also call for medical help if needed.

Visit the hospital

If you think you suffered injury from the accident, see a doctor as soon as possible. You might be tempted to skip out on medical attention if you have minor symptoms such as soreness or a headache. These can be signs of a more serious injury that could take days or weeks to fully manifest. Visiting the hospital will provide documentation for any injuries and help you get necessary treatment.

Do not miss doctor appointments

Do not skip any appointments or allow any gaps in medical treatments. Such interruptions can weaken your case and cause the insurance adjustor to argue that your injuries do not require compensation if you did not keep your appointments. This may result in reduced or denied compensation.

Injuries from accidents can be serious and debilitating, especially in collisions involving trucks. Following these tips will help you build a strong case that can get you the compensation you deserve. You should also consider consulting a personal injury lawyer. A lawyer will help you track medical treatment, seek fair compensation and avoid making mistakes that could weaken your claim.