Shaker bottle, infant cap each considered dangerous product

Texas consumers may be affected by recent product recalls involving shaker bottles and infant caps, among other items. These items are considered dangerous due to manufacturer defects. If a dangerous product causes a consumer to suffer injury, he or she may have the right to seek justice through the civil court system.

Around 48,000 shaker bottles from Whiskware have been recalled because the bottom part of the bottle may break when the metal agitator inside the bottle hits it. Thus, the product poses a laceration hazard. So far, there have been a minimum of 12 reports regarding breakage.

In addition, around 14,500 infant baseball caps have been recalled because the buttons on the top part of the caps have the potential to detach. They therefore pose a choking hazard. At the moment, there have not been any reports about the hats, which were made available at Tractor Supply Company between Jan. 2017 and March 2017.

Product manufacturers are naturally expected to generate products that are proven to be safe for the public to use. If they fail to exercise a reasonable degree of responsibility in their manufacturing processes, their products may end up harming the consumers who use them. Even if a product recall is quickly issued following the discovery of a defect, some consumers may have already been negatively affected by the dangerous product. An understanding of what facts have to be proved is likely necessary to prevail in a product liability case in Texas. A monetary award in a successfully fought suit may help with covering medical bills and other related losses.

Source:, “Product recalls“, May 8, 2017