The Most Dangerous Places in Dallas for Truck Accidents

3D rendering of a car accident with a van tipped over and emergency vehicles approaching.

The Most Dangerous Places in Dallas for Truck Accidents

The Texas Department of Transportation keeps records of all the motor vehicle accidents in our state, including the truck accidents that occur here. The records that they and other state and federal agencies keep can help determine the most dangerous roads in Dallas for truck accidents.

According to accident data, these Dallas-area roads are common sites of truck accidents:

  • Central Expressway between LBJ Freeway and Interstate 30
  • I-45 from I-30 to Lamar
  • LBJ Freeway between Dallas North Tollway and Central Expressway
  • Woodall Rogers Freeway between Stemmens and Central Expressway

Highways Aren’t the Only Dangerous Places

Of course, it’s easy to think of our highways as the only dangerous places for truck accidents. After all, trucks travel at faster speeds on highways and in more congested traffic. However, highways aren’t the onlydangerous places. Truck accidents happen throughout the Dallas metro, including on side streets and in parking lots.

For example, box trucks and delivery trucks are very common in the Dallas area—and they are very commonly involved in accidents. These trucks often drive on side streets just as much as highways, whether the trucks are being used by a new homeowner to move or a delivery driver in a rush to drop off the last package before his shift ends.

Avoiding Dangerous Dallas Roads

The truth is that it’s hard to completely avoid dangerous Dallas roads, even if you take alternate routes. Driving in Dallas involves dense traffic and potentially negligent drivers.

While you can’t avoid dangerous roads, you can learn to protect yourself from truck accidents. Remember that if you can’t see the truck driver in the vehicle’s mirrors, the truck driver probably can’t see you.

Don’t drive in the truck’s blind spots, and don’t follow too closely. Sometimes people believe that they can save on gas if they drive in a truck’s tailwind, but that’s simply not true. Allowing proper stopping distance can prevent underride accidents, in which a vehicle rear-ends a truck when they both stop suddenly.

And if you see a driver operating the vehicle in a way that could be dangerous, stay as far away as possible. You’ll have more control over the situation if the truck is in front of you rather than in back of you.

If You’ve Been in a Dallas Truck Accident, Talk With an Attorney

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