Texas boy killed by truck may lead to wrongful death claim

A Texas high school is dealing with the tragic death of a student after a young man was struck by a pickup truck and killed on his way to school. The 17-year-old soccer player was a senior who was excited about graduation. Some in the area are suggesting that this is a case of wrongful death, and the blame may not fall entirely on the driver of the truck.

The accident took place when the teenager was attempting to cross the five lane street between the high school and the apartment complex where he lived. When school is in session, the speed limit in the area drops to 20 mph. The woman driving the truck was said to be traveling 35 or 40 mph. However, apparently the flashing lights that warn drivers of the lower speed have not worked for some time.

Neighbors say many students who live in the area cross in the middle of the street because the crosswalk takes them a third of a mile from the entrance of the school. Many in the area believe the crossing could be more convenient so students would not take unsafe chances. Last year, a female student was fatally struck as she crossed the street.

Charges against the driver are pending, but parents living in the area seem to suggest that the Texas school system or the city should be held liable for not maintaining the proper signals or providing safe ways for students to reach the school. The family of the boy has set up a “gofundme” account to help with funeral expenses. They would be within their rights to contact an attorney with help in determining if they have cause to pursue a wrongful death claim.

Source: abc13.com, “Family names student killed outside MacArthur High School“, Deborah Wrigley, Oct. 26, 2016