DUI car crash claims the lives of parents of 3 children

Frequently, Texas drivers encounter road closures due to accidents. They may notice glass or debris in the street, or see markers along the highway indicating the loss of a beloved friend or family member in a car crash. It may not occur to many drivers how devastating that loss can be or who may be left behind to mourn.

Recently, a 49-year-old man attempted to pass another vehicle by crossing the line into the opposite lane. His pickup truck crashed head-on into an SUV carrying a family. Rescue workers said the man driving the SUV and the woman in the passenger seat died within minutes of impact. One of the three children in the SUV was airlifted to a hospital, and the other two children were transported by ambulance. A spokesperson reported that the children would probably survive.

The driver of the pickup truck was not seriously injured. Texas police suspected he was intoxicated and are waiting for toxicology reports to confirm this. If it is determined that he was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident, he faces multiple charges of intoxication assault, intoxication manslaughter, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Three children must now begin the unimaginable task of rebuilding their lives without their parents. Their loss may be compounded as they recover from their injuries without their parents to care for them. Additionally, those things parents normally plan for their children’s futures, such as college, may be left incomplete. Compensation won through a personal injury lawsuit may not fill the emptiness caused by the car crash, but the children may still be able to look forward to the future their parents wanted for them.

Source: foxsanantonio.com, “Man facing multiple charges after allegedly driving drunk and killing two people“, Oct. 22, 2016