Ride-Sharing Services Offer Pluses & Minuses

Ride-Sharing Services Offer Pluses & Minuses

Texas was one of five states to receive a grant from the Governors Highway Safety Association to encourage ride-sharing services this holiday season. The grant is meant to help drivers make the decision to call an Uber rather than drive themselves after they’ve been drinking.

When They’re Good, They’re Good

The GHSA grant highlights one of the major benefits of the rise of ride-sharing services. Younger drivers who are more likely to use Uber, Lyft or a similar service, are also the age group most commonly responsible for drunk driving accidents. Ride-sharing services have prevented an untold number of injuries and deaths caused by impaired drivers.

Holidays and Impaired Driving

The holidays are prime season for car and truck accidents. More drivers are on the road than normal. The weather is often challenging. Vacations and family get-togethers can lead to more people having one too many drinks and getting behind the wheel. There’s no better time to consider using a ride-sharing service than during the holiday season.

There Are Drawbacks to Ride-Sharing Services

Any sober driver is bound to be better than an impaired driver. But for a sober driver, there’s little reason to expect an Uber or Lyft driver to be more skilled. Taxi drivers are required to carry a commercial license. Uber and Lyft drivers carry standard driver’s licenses.

While there are standards for the vehicles used by Uber and Lyft drivers, it’s still a private vehicle coming to pick you up. It’s possible that the vehicle will no longer be in safe working condition. You are relying on a stranger to maintain the standards of safe driving and vehicle maintenance.

Of course, there are situations where ride-sharing drivers have engaged in unsafe or illegal conduct. There have been cases of assault, robbery and other serious issues. These cases have been rare, but it’s something people need to be aware of when making their plans.

Plan Ahead to Get Home Safely This Holiday Season

One of the keys to safe travel is planning ahead. If you are going to a holiday party or family get-together and you expect to have a few drinks, you need a plan to get home. Whether you bring a designated driver or plan to use a ride-sharing service, have a plan to ensure that you don’t drive drunk.

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