Are Fatal Semi Accidents on the Rise?

Few accidents have as much potential for catastrophe as large truck crashes. Semi truck accidents can lead to serious injuries and death even at slower speeds. For that reason, any increase in truck crashes needs to be taken seriously.

Heading in the Wrong Direction

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently released the final crash data for 2019. The year saw a slight increase in fatal truck crashes over 2018. This continued a disturbing trend as 2019 had the most fatal crashes since 2005. In total, there were 4,479 truck crashes involving a fatality in 2019.

The trucking industry, like so many others, has been impacted by the pandemic. With fewer cars on the roads, it’s likely that 2021 will see a decrease in fatal truck accidents. That does not erase the concern over the long-standing trend of increasing truck accident fatalities. From 2009 to 2019, there was a 47% increase in the number of trucks and buses involved in a fatal accident.

Reasons for the Increase in Deadly Truck Accidents

Every accident is unique. Still, there are common issues that could be driving the increase in fatal crashes. For many years now, the trucking industry has had trouble retaining experienced drivers and recruiting new drivers. That has led to more pressure on existing drivers that could be increasing deadly accidents.

There are many regulations placed on truck drivers and trucking companies to improve safety. Unfortunately, it’s not unusual to find after an accident that one or more of these regulations have not been followed. Drivers are pushed to drive more hours than is allowed. Maintenance is not always performed on the required schedule. Trucks are not loaded properly or are not equipped to carry the load they’ve been assigned.

It’s important to find a lawyer who understands all the regulations and can determine what might have gone wrong to cause the accident.

Distraction Is a Problem for Truck Drivers, Too

Driver error is still a common cause of truck accidents. Cell phones have proven to be as distracting for commercial drivers as they are to everyone else. A distracted truck driver poses a tremendous danger to everyone on the roads.

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