Plane crash claims 2 lives in Texas

Two people lost their lives in an aviation accident in Texas on a recent Tuesday morning. The National Transportation Safety Board has launched an investigation into the plane crash that occurred at the Elmdale Airpark in Abilene. A preliminary accident report is expected to be ready within seven to 10 days.

According to witnesses, the small plane took off and then went into a nose-dive when it reached an altitude of about 200 feet. Both occupants were declared dead at the crash site. They were reported to be two out-of-state men, ages 63 and 33. It is unclear which one was the pilot of the aircraft.

After photographing and documenting the area surrounding the accident scene, investigators will utilize the plane’s GPS, weather and radar sensors to recreate the circumstances that might have led to the crash. Following this, the wreckage of the plane will be moved to a hanger. This will allow investigators to meticulously assess the mechanical aspects of the crashed plane.

Although it has not yet been determined whether pilot or mechanical error caused this plane crash, there might be a viable wrongful death claim. When the reckless or careless conduct of an individual results in the serious injury or death of another, the injured victim or family of the deceased person retains the right to pursue financial relief. Establishing negligence in an aviation accident can be difficult, and, for that reason, some families who have lost loved ones in such tragic circumstances choose to seek the services of an experienced Texas wrongful death attorney.

Source:, “NTSB Investigates Fatal Plane Crash”, March 3, 2016