Texas man suffers brain injury when truck plows into crash scene

Injuries to the head can be life-changing. If a person survives an accident that causes a traumatic brain injury, the victim may face a lifetime of medical procedures and physical therapy. Additionally, the person’s family may be profoundly affected by the injury. A Texas man and his family are learning that now as he fights to recover from an accident that nearly took his life.

An EMT was working a shift at a local dragstrip when an accident occurred right outside the gates of the strip. The EMT and his partner went to see if everyone was all right. Suddenly, a pickup truck crashed into the scene of the accident, striking the EMT and landing with a wheel on his chest. Witnesses rushed to pull the EMT out from under the truck. Meanwhile, the driver fled the scene on foot.

The EMT suffered broken ribs, a lacerated liver and a brain injury. Nevertheless, those who witnessed the horrific accident say the man is lucky to be alive. Doctors say his prognosis is good, but he is facing surgery to repair torn artery in his brain.

Police feel confident they will make an arrest soon since the driver left his truck at the scene. Meanwhile, the Texas family is left to bear the cost of a lengthy hospital stay, multiple surgeries and perhaps years of slow recovery from his brain injury, all without the benefit of the EMT’s salary. They are fully within their rights to contact a lawyer to see what steps they need to take to file a personal injury claim against the driver of the truck.

Source: fox4news.com, “EMT injured after truck plows through wreck scene”, July 15, 2016