3M sued for alleged defective product that caused leg amputation

When the medical conditions of Texas residents require the use of medical devices, they will naturally expect it to be efficient and relieve the conditions for which it was applied. Unfortunately, a defective product can cause life-altering injuries with loads of financial and emotional consequences. 3M and a medical facility in another state are facing a federal lawsuit alleging a defective medical device caused the amputation of a patient’s leg.

Court documents state that a Vietnam War and police veteran’s knee joint was replaced in a surgical procedure in 2007. To keep him warm, a special blanket — called a Bair Hugger — was used. The device blows hot air through a hose to the blanket that is placed under or over the patient. The plaintiff alleges that the hot air that was blown onto his skin was contaminated and caused a methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection in the open wound during surgery.

The plaintiff contends the severe infection developed immediately after the surgical procedure. This allegedly caused the replacement knee joint to fail, and he had to endure several subsequent surgeries, including the removal of the knee joint. The condition was irreversible and ultimately led to the amputation of his entire left leg.

The victim of this alleged defective product seeks a trial by jury and all restitution allowed under state laws. Any Texas resident who has to cope with the consequences of injuries caused by defective medical or other devices is entitled to pursue financial relief. Proving breach of warranty, defective design and liability may be difficult, but the victim has the right to seek legal counsel to provide the necessary guidance and support throughout the legal proceedings.

Source: louisianarecord.com, “Veteran alleges 3M’s defective device led to amputation of leg”, Hoang Tran, March 9, 2016