Mother files wrongful death claim in Texas after son is killed

Making the decision to ride a motorcycle must come with a lot of regard for the way other drivers operate their vehicles. Motorcycles can be extremely dangerous because of the lack of enclosure, which leaves the body vulnerable to more serious injuries. In Texas, a mother has recently filed a wrongful death claim in response to her son’s untimely death.

The young man was riding his motorcycle on a multiple-lane highway when he was struck by the defendant named in the claim. That man is being sued for his alleged failure in yielding to the motorcyclist as he tried to cross the highway. The victim was taken to an area hospital but unfortunately died later from his injuries. He was only 18 years old.

The mother is seeking some sort of restitution based on the man’s negligence. She blames the defendant for multiple reasons, including not properly looking out for other vehicles and not avoiding an accident, and she has named these reasons in the suit. The man’s speed while crossing the highway was also noted in the suit.

In the state of Texas, claims for wrongful death can be filed when one party is ultimately responsible for the death of another. A jury can be requested to hear both sides of the story and make their recommendations to the judge. Reports indicated that a trial by jury has been requested. Regardless of the outcome, sadly the mother will have to relive the final moments of her son’s life during the trial, but at least justice can be served if the trial favors the mother.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, Ill. motorist named in suit over deadly Oct. wreck, John Suayan, Dec. 2, 2013