Car accident involving bicyclist in Texas; deadly for 1

Riding a bicycle should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Sometimes, however, this experience can turn to tragedy. Riding a bicycle on a roadway where cars are present can be dangerous due to the lack of safety enclosures. A car accident in Texas that involves a vehicle and a bicyclist can result in severe injuries and even death for the bicyclist.

Unfortunately there was a recent report of an accident where a young woman was killed in this type of accident. Reports state that the woman was riding her bike over the weekend when a vehicle hit her. The unknown driver in the unidentified vehicle left the scene after the impact and has yet to be located.

Police investigations determined that the driver of the vehicle involved left the accident without giving any help or assistance to the victim. When aid is given to an accident victim, the chances of saving the life are greater. The loss of this young wine enthusiast is certainly tragic, and the fact that the driver just took off is saddening.

Often, hit-and-run drivers may not understand just what kind of impact their actions and reactions have on others. In a car accident where the victim is left to die, the police have even more work to do regarding finding the driver, and families are left with even more questions. Unfortunately, in this Texas accident, the driver has not been caught. However, when they are identified, the victim’s family may wish to pursue a wrongful death claim through the state, on top of the other charges that will likely be filed by the police.

Source:, Cyclist dies from injuries in weekend hit-and-run, Carol Christian, Dec. 4, 2013