Do Drivers Benefit From New Safety Tech?

Cars and trucks are updated with new technology every year. New features run the gamut from gimmick to genuine advancement. Car manufacturers want you to believe that their products are better than ever, but how much do drivers actually gain?

Younger Drivers Could Use the Help

It is not surprising to most that young drivers are significantly more likely to be involved in car accidents than older drivers. Younger drivers are more likely to get injured or even die in crashes than their older counterparts. They cause more property damage per mile driven and are generally a greater risk than drivers with experience.

New research from the Highway Loss Data Institute shows that less experienced drivers get more out of advancements designed to help people avoid car crashes. Technology introduced by Kia, Subaru, and Honda was included in three studies summarized in the report.

A Significant Improvement

Kia’s Drive Wise package was the leader of the field in helping younger drivers avoid accidents:

  • Drivers under the age of 25 reduced their property damage claims by 57% when using the system compared to similar drivers in cars not equipped with the safety package.
  • Drivers in the 25-64 age range made 41% fewer claims.
  • Drivers over 65 made 31% fewer property damage claims.
  • Collision claims were also reduced in vehicles equipped with safety packages.

The safety systems made by Subaru and Honda showed a similar pattern with regard to age. The safety gains were much smaller, but younger drivers still benefited more from the technology than older drivers.

Safety Features to Consider

There are many safety features included in Kia’s system. The package comes with automatic emergency braking and collision warning, along with a raft of tools to help drivers improve their vision around the vehicle and warn them before trouble occurs.

This may be particularly valuable to young drivers who lack the experience to identify potential hazards. While older drivers may have learned to check their blind spots, younger drivers can use the assistance of technology designed to handle that.

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