Crash leaves 1 woman dead; negligent parties yet to be determined

The morning of Sunday, April 21 saw a deadly crash take the life of one woman and leave three men injured. The accident took place on Interstate 37 in south Texas. Police are still investigating the cause of the crash and hope to identify exactly what occurred.

Police accounts say that a sedan was headed east when it was broadsided by a pickup truck traveling south on the Interstate. The passenger in the sedan was critically injured and later pronounced dead by authorities arriving on the scene. The driver, along with the driver and passenger in the pickup, were all transported to a local hospital with unlisted injuries. Their status is currently unknown.

The police investigation is still in process. Texas authorities have yet to comment on the cause of the crash. It is as yet unknown whether alcohol was a factor in the car accident.

Depending on the extent of the injuries suffered by the drivers and the passenger that survived, police will likely wish to question them when they are each fit for an interview. Combined with their ongoing investigation, this will hopefully provide important information to help determine the cause of the crash that claimed the life of the other vehicle’s passenger. The case may proceed to a higher level if the investigation warrants criminal charges to be filed. Regardless, it may be possible for the injured parties — as well as the estate of the deceased passenger — to seek financial restitution or other monetary damages allowed under Texas personal injury and wrongful death laws. A thorough understanding of Texas traffic laws and liability regarding proper vehicle operation may be helpful if and when the case is brought before a civil court.

Source:, “Car accident leaves one dead and others injured,” April 21, 2013