Are There Laws to Regulate Limousine Safety?

On Saturday, Oct. 6, eighteen people died in a limousine accident. This New York accident drew attention nationwide. Maybe it is the number of fatalities in the single incident that attracts so much attention. Maybe it is the setting of the scene. Regardless, the attention is warranted, as this is a topic we don’t often talk about.

The Limo Victims Could Have Been any of Us

Limousines generally conjure up ideas of celebration, glamour and fun. In this case, passengers in the limo were reportedly headed to a birthday party. And who wouldn’t jump at the chance to share a limo with friends and cruise to a friend’s party?
Whether it is relying on limo transportation, a taxi or a bus, most of us have relied upon outside transportation. We’ve trusted the safety of the vehicle, as well as the judgment of the driver hired to transport us.
The victims of the recent limo accident were just like us. They were simply seeking a ride and expected the best out of the situation. Unfortunately, an investigation following the fatal accident suggests to the possibility that neither the vehicle nor the driver was fit for the occasion.

What Went Wrong?

The investigation into the limo accident is ongoing. Already, there are some red flags that identify a couple of possible causes behind the deadly wreck. First, the limo driver reportedly didn’t have the proper license to drive a limo. Secondly, the specific limo in the crash had failed a recent inspection.
Combine those two reported problems and we end up with a third problem: the limo driver’s employer seemingly allowed the driver to work and allowed him to drive the unfit vehicle. A properly licensed driver might have changed the outcome of the limo ride. A safer vehicle might have changed the outcome. Perhaps, a more vigilant, law-abiding employer could have saved the victims’ lives.

What Limo Laws Exist in Texas?

Transportation and licensing laws vary from state to state. For instance, here in Texas, vehicles that seat 14 or more passengers are more strictly regulated. The limo must be registered and, therefore, more routinely inspected. A driver of such a large commercial vehicle also must have a commercial driver’s license.
More obviously, a limo driver shouldn’t be driving while impaired and should follow traffic laws. Whether these matters impacted the recent limo accident is yet to be determined.

Was Your Trust in a Commercial Driver Betrayed?

It can seem like the safe (and legal) idea to hire a designated driver. Want to party with friends? Hiring a limo or party bus can be a great idea. If your attempt at a fun outing ends in injuries, however, it’s important to seek justice for yourself and your friends. Contact an attorney experienced with limo accident cases and in defending victims’ rights overall.