Traffic Deaths Surge Again in 2022

Early numbers are in for 2022, and the news is not good. The first quarter of the year showed the highest number of motor vehicle accident deaths of any quarter in 20 years. This continues a worrying trend—American roads are getting more dangerous.

The Pandemic or Something Else?

Many experts traced the rise in traffic fatalities to the COVID-19 pandemic. The deaths per mile driven were high during the lockdown periods and even higher when the lockdowns ended. As time passes and car and truck accident deaths continue to rise, the pandemic seems like a less likely culprit. The country is still dealing with COVID-19, but is it affecting the way we drive?

Complacency and Deadly Driving

With 2022 looking like a third consecutive year of increasing highway deaths, there is a danger we might reset our expectations regarding road safety. The increase in deaths from 2019 to now is startling. It deserves our attention. More importantly, it deserves a response to make sure the trend is reversed.

Statistics Hide the Tragedy of Fatal Accidents

There were 1,667 more deaths in the first quarter of 2022 than there were in 2020. That’s a 21% increase in two years. Those numbers are bad, but they fail to capture the gravity of the situation.

A fatal accident is a tragedy that is almost impossible to comprehend for people who haven’t been through it. The impact on husbands, wives, parents, children, friends, neighbors, and coworkers is immense. Every accident sends out ripples of pain and loss. Personal injury claims can dull some of the impact, but they can’t restore the lives lost in these accidents.

Risky Behavior and Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many deadly crashes involve risky behavior in one form or another. Research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests that speeding has been on the rise during the increase in traffic deaths. In addition, seat belt use has gone down over the past three years.

Speeding is a common form of aggressive driving. It is closely tied to highway fatalities. Seat belts obviously don’t prevent car accidents, but they do significantly increase the likelihood of surviving a crash. Encouraging their use is an easy way to cut down on motor vehicle deaths.

Take Action After a Fatal Accident. Call Our Dallas Attorneys.

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