Ways to avoid a drunk driving accident during a holiday

Any nationally-recognized holiday is a time for celebration throughout the United States. In order to participate in all of the related activities for the particular event, Americans regularly flood the roads with their vehicles in ever increasing numbers so they can travel and see family and friends. But with the increased traffic on the roads and drivers leaving parties that regularly offer alcohol, a situation is created where holidays also become among the deadliest of days for motorists.

Many states including Texas have instituted programs to assist partygoers in getting to and from celebrations without having to worry about drinking and driving. Many roadside assistance services like the American Automobile Association, more commonly known as AAA, offer members and even non-members “holiday safe ride programs” that can be used when no other option is available. 

There are also many companies that offer customers a designated driver service that will get a would-be driver and passengers home safely while also ensuring that the driver’s car gets there as well. In addition to these, there are always more traditional options that should not be overlooked such as having a designated driver, taking a taxi or riding public transit.

Given all these options, it is clear that there is no reason that a person has to get behind the wheel if they are drunk. Unfortunately, too many reckless and irresponsible drivers fail to take advantage of these alternatives and decide to drive while intoxicated; even though it’s illegal, dangerous and completely avoidable.

Drunk driving is a serious concern throughout the year but statistics show a marked increase in this perilous activity on holidays like the Fourth of July. Risky behaviors like drinking and driving that lead to catastrophic or sometimes fatal injuries become even more of a concern on national holidays. Motorists should be cautious, but in the event they are injured by a drunk driver, they should seek legal counsel to hold the negligent driver accountable.

Source: USA Today, “How to get a safe ride home over Fourth of July weekend,” Jessica Durando, July 3, 2014