TX-DOT hopes to put an end to distracted driving

Distracted driving is not a new phenomenon. For decades, drivers have been eating, fiddling with the radio, or trying to tame unruly children in the backseat while behind the wheel. Today, however, distracted driving is much more prevalent.

Of course, this is because there are more things than ever to distract drivers. Cellphones, in-car navigation systems and other handheld electronic devices keep drivers from focusing on the road. As many people know, however, even a few seconds of inattention while driving can lead to a serious car accident. Since April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, the Texas Department of Transportation is hoping to bring attention to the issue in an effort to eliminate distracted driving accidents.

In Texas, accidents related to distracted driving are on the rise. Last year, distraction played a role in nearly 95,000 car accidents across the state — a 4 percent increase from 2012. It also caused the deaths of 459 people.

To combat the issue, the TX-DOT has launched an anti-distracted driving campaign. Through billboards, radio messages and TV ads, officials have instructed drivers to put down their phones and focus on the road. Instead, they suggest that drivers pull over to the side of the road if they need to make a call or send a text.

Fortunately, there is a way to put an end to distracted driving and the danger it causes. If everyone played their part to focus only on the road while behind the wheel, it could dramatically decrease the number of serious and fatal accidents in Texas. Of course, however, you can only be responsible for your own behaviors. If you are injured in an accident that was caused by a distracted driver, it may be wise to speak with a personal injury attorney.

Source: Radio NB, “TX-DOT Launches Anti-Driving While Distracted Campaign,” April 8, 2014