Drivers Don’t Just Cause Truck Accidents–Truck Defects Can Be to Blame, Too

When many people think of truck accidents, they think of negligent truck drivers who fail to pay attention behind the wheel. But truck accident cases are often much more complex than that. The cause of the accident may actually be defective truck parts that prevented the truck driver from operating the vehicle properly. In fact, one study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that 77 percent of tractor-trailers in crashes had defective equipment warranting a citation.

The Most Common Truck Defects and Equipment Failures

There are many ways that semi-trucks can be defective, including:

  • Brake defects: These prevent trucks from stopping in time.
  • Gas tank and fuel system defects: These can lead to serious fires that spread quickly.
  • Defective or missing lights: These can prevent vehicles from properly seeing trucks.
  • Defective or missing mirrors: These can keep trucks from properly seeing other cars on the road.
  • Tire defects: These can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles.

Truck Defect Litigation

In a process called “discovery,” truck accident attorneys work to uncover all possible facts about the crash. They often work with investigators and analysts who review the accident scene and the truck itself. Many truck defects aren’t immediately apparent. Legal teams become aware of them upon close inspection by the experts.
When a truck defect is alleged to be the cause of the truck accident, the truck manufacturer is often joined as a party to the lawsuit. This can complicate matters for several reasons. First, the parties may all blame each other for the harm; the driver may blame the defective truck, and the manufacturer may cite driver error.
Second, the injury victim, truck driver and operator, and truck manufacturer may all be located in different states, so federal courts become the most appropriate place to litigate. Logistically, attorneys spend a great deal of time and energy coordinating this federal litigation. And they use their own resources to do it.

Get Help After a Truck Accident

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