Texas motorcycle accident caused by jaywalkers?

A collision occurred on May 27 in Corpus Christi that may take authorities a little time to work out. The accident underscores the importance of observing the rules of the road in Texas. In this case, a motorcycle accident may or may not have been avoidable, depending on who you ask.

A man and a woman were walking in the middle of a city street. A police officer saw them and flashed her high beams at the couple, apparently in an effort to get them to move out of harm’s way. Grabbing hold of one another, the pedestrians tried to pull each other to safety in opposite directions. During the struggle over which way to turn, a motorcycle came along and swerved to evade the pair.

A 23-year-old female passenger was tossed off the bike as the 27-year-old driver smashed into the two pedestrians. In all, four people were hurt, though the precise nature and extent of their injuries was not detailed in a news report. One pedestrian was said to have escaped with only minor injuries and declined medical treatment. There was no further word on the updated medical condition of the other three parties.

A motorcycle accident is frightening under any circumstances. The slightest disturbance can result in disastrous consequences, primarily due to the lack of external protection for a bike rider. And sometimes just being in the wrong place at the wrong time can lead to catastrophic results.

There was no official word as to whether the motorcyclist was speeding or otherwise engaged in conduct that caused or contributed to the accident. It is also not clear why the two pedestrians were walking in the middle of the road. Nevertheless, in sorting out the details, authorities issued citations to the driver of the bike for failure to have proper insurance, plates and a valid Texas driver’s license. As the parties recover from their injuries, each will likely await the official accident report to assess their respective rights and responsibilities under state law.

Source: caller.com, “Motorcycle accident injures four, including two pedestrians, late Wednesday,” Mike Baird, June 28, 2012