Texas mother files wrongful death claim on behalf of her son

Children can be the most fun and outgoing of people, being carefree and just enjoying life without a care in the world. So it is understandable that if a child is taken from the world, the parents may be overwhelmed with grief and sadness. Unfortunately, this is the case in the recent death of a local Texas toddler whose mother is now filing a wrongful death claim on behalf of her son.

A recent outing for family fun turned into a horrific tragedy for the family of a 3-year-old little boy. The boy was unfortunately killed when he was struck by a large pickup truck in the parking lot of a children’s restaurant. The driver of the truck reportedly had little to no time to react after the boy ran in front of her truck, and he died at the scene where his mother and siblings witnessed the accident.

The mother is now suing the children’s restaurant, claiming that failing to make the parking lot a safer place caused the death of her son. There are no speed bumps, speed limit signs or children crossing warning signs to caution other drivers to beware of children in the area. The lawsuit filed by the mother is filed on behalf of her son and includes over $100 million for the loss.

Understandably, losing a child can be a tragic situation and not one that any parent would want to go through. Families in Texas that go through similar cases may similarly choose to file a wrongful death claim if they feel that the death of their child or loved one may have been prevented. Knowing the rights and laws that can affect these situations may make the legal process easier to handle so that more time can be spent mourning the loss.

Source: Kristv.com, Mother Suing Chuck E Cheese for Son’s Death in Parking Lot, Caroline Flores, Oct. 28, 2013