Texas car crash may be result of drunk driving by state rep

The victims of a recent drunk driving car crash are upset by the lack of remorse on the part of the woman who struck them. The incident has received considerable news coverage due to the fact that the driver involved is Texas State Representative Naomi Gonzalez. In the week following the car crash, the victims have stepped forward to express their disappointment in the way that Gonzalez has handled the matter.

The crash took place as two 21-year-old women were leaving a music and film festival in Austin, Texas. As they were driving around 2:00 a.m. the women were struck from behind by another vehicle. As a result, their rented Fiat was pushed forward into a bicyclist.

Some parties sustained injuries in the crash that were reported as minor. However, there is no word as to the current condition of the parties, or if there are any significant medical issues related to the crash. In many cases, injuries associated with muscle, joint or skeletal systems are not readily apparent in the hours following a car crash.

The car crash victims have made statements to the press expressing their displeasure that Gonzalez has failed to contact them and apologize for her actions, which could have easily led to a loss of life. Investigators are still waiting for toxicology results in the matter, and it is unclear how the case will proceed. However, if any of the victims decide to move forward with a personal injury suit, the results of the toxicology samples could prove instrumental in achieving a victory in a Texas court.

Source: MySanAntonio.com, “El Paso Democrat Naomi Gonzalez charged with DWI,” Paul J. Weber, March 14, 2013