Texas car crash injures 8, leads to drunk driving arrest

When an individual is injured in a car accident, the result is an immediate and unexpected shift in that person’s life. At one end of the scale sits relatively minor incidents in which a small degree of property damage and minor injuries are sustained due to a car crash. In other cases, serious injuries occur, leaving Texas victims unable to function at previous levels and throwing their families into emotional and financial turmoil.

A recent crash has led to the injury of as many as eight individuals, including the driver whom police believe may have caused the wreck. Texas police have arrested the 44-year-old man, who now faces charges of driving while intoxicated. Police have stated that the investigation is ongoing, and that intoxication assault charges are possible.

The crash took place during a recent Friday afternoon, just at the onset of rush hour traffic. Police believe that the man was driving his pickup truck at excessive speeds before he crashed into three other vehicles. In total, eight people were transported to local hospitals for treatment of injuries sustained in the incident, including the driver.

As these individuals begin the recovery process, their injuries may range in type and severity. It is hoped that they can return to their normal level of function within a short period of time. In many cases, however, the road to recovery is long, painful and expensive. Should the investigation reveal that this Texas car crash was the result of drunk driving negligence, the injured victims could proceed with personal injury suits against the party deemed responsible.

Source: The River Cities Daily Tribune, “Austin man faces DWI charge in 4-car crash on Texas 71,” Jan. 23, 2013