Teenager killed when driver looked down to use breathalyzer

Drivers can be distracted for many reasons in Dallas, throughout Texas and across the nation. Some are frivolous and others are done with a viable reason. This, however, does not make the moment any less dangerous or deadly. It can cause an accident with injuries and fatalities. People who are simply minding their own business are often victimized by these crashes. People who have lost loved ones in fatal accidents because of a distracted driver – regardless of the distraction – should be aware of their rights to seek compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit.

An 18-year-old cheerleader who hoped to one day be a cosmetologist was killed when her vehicle was hit by a pickup truck as she backed out of a driveway. The accident happened in the evening at about 6:30 p.m. The young woman’s vehicle was hit on the passenger side. According to the law enforcement investigation, the male driver of the pickup stated that he was looking down at the time because he needed to blow into a breathalyzer that was attached to his vehicle. These devices are installed when drivers are on probation or it has been ordered by the court. The idea is to ensure that the driver has not been drinking after the initial test when the vehicle starts.

A fatal car crash can occur for numerous reasons and distraction is one of the most frequent. While most will associate this with a smartphone or other device, there are a seemingly endless number of ways in which a driver can be distracted. The people who have lost a loved one in a crash should be cognizant of the circumstances of the crash. They will need to pay for a funeral, face the emotional and personal issues that accompany an unexpected accident, and move forward. Insurance companies rarely offer a sufficient settlement making it wise that those who suffered loss should consult with a legal professional.

When drivers are mandated to use an ignition interlock device, they must blow into the breathalyzer at certain intervals. While this is supposed to be done safely, this incident shows it can sometimes lead to danger and a crash. The manufacturer of the device claims that drivers do not need to look down to blow into the device, but an investigation should be conducted to assess the entire case to see exactly how this happened. The teen’s family must protect themselves throughout this process by speaking to a legal professional experienced in litigation after a fatal accident.

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