Technology to Mitigate Rear-End Accidents

Advancements in vehicle technology are a major contributor to safety. Building a safer car can benefit drivers, passengers and pedestrians. A new initiative would help reduce car accidents by requiring new vehicles to have automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Proposal

The NHTSA has proposed a new rule that could help prevent some car and truck accidents and reduce the severity of others. The current proposal would force automakers to equip all passenger cars and trucks under 10,000 pounds with automatic emergency braking and pedestrian detecting AEB systems. This requirement would go into effect three years after the rule is adopted.

The push for AEB systems is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Roadway Safety Strategy. The Department estimates that, if passed, the rule could prevent 24,000 car accident injuries per year. The technology has this potential because it addresses car accidents that are often caused by distraction.

Technology Never Loses Focus

AEB systems are designed to apply the brakes or increase brake pressure when certain conditions are met. Sensors on the vehicle are able to tell when a crash is imminent. If traffic stops suddenly in front of you and you are caught off guard, AEB systems can step in and slow your vehicle down.

Distracted driving is a major safety concern on Texas roadways. AEB systems can help drivers get through a momentary distraction relatively unscathed.

The rule calls for new AEB systems to have a capability that earlier versions of the technology lacked. The new systems will be required to have the ability to detect pedestrians in nighttime conditions. That could eliminate a particular hazard for drivers who often have very little time to react to pedestrians within the range of their headlights.

Drivers Are Still Responsible

Technology can help drivers avoid car accidents, but the responsibility of safe driving is still theirs. Attentive, cautious driving will always be the best way to avoid crashes. Over reliance on safety tech could become an issue, particularly for younger drivers.

After an Accident, Speak to an Attorney Right Away

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