Railroad employee dies after being hit by train in Texas

Railroad employees might not think about the dangers they face on the job, but those dangers are a constantly looming. Even the most conscientious workers in the safest workplace can fall victim to an accident. Given the vehicles that are on the site and the size of the equipment used, an accident can quickly result in a fatality. When there is a fatal workplace accident on the railroad, the family left behind will have a great deal to consider. This is when they should protect themselves by discussing a wrongful death case with an attorney.

Recently, a railroad worker was hit by a train and killed. The accident occurred at around 11:00 am. A fellow employee contacted emergency personnel saying that the man was hit. When the emergency crews arrived, the man was declared dead.

The investigation is commencing, and the incident is not believed to be intentional. They think that the railroad workers were switching train cars when the accident happened. Law enforcement and the train company’s police department are working together to investigate.

A workplace accident and the resulting death is a shock to the family and everyone involved. No matter the type of job, and whether it is perceived to be dangerous, no one thinks that when a loved one leaves their home to go to work, it will be the last time they ever see them. Unfortunately, it happens all too frequently.

There can be personal and financial losses after a fatal workplace accident. There will be funeral expenses, long-term financial ramifications from the loss of income and emotional upheaval. Understanding the circumstances of the fatal accident is essential to being adequately compensated. Those who have lost a loved one need to make sure they address the costs in the present and future when considering a settlement offer and decide whether litigation is the best course of action.

The investigation into this incident is ongoing. For the family of the man who died, they should certainly pay strict attention to how the case moves forward. At the same time, they should also make sure they are fully protected by a legal professional who has their interests in mind. Contacting a lawyer is the first step and should be done as soon as possible.

Source: CBS DFW, “Union Pacific Worker Killed By Train In Arlington,” Sept. 22, 2017