Passenger killed in fatal accident when pickup rolls over

Determining the cause of a single-vehicle crash often requires skilled investigators and it may even require the reconstruction of the accident. The Texas Department of Public Safety reported that state troopers are involved in an investigation into a fatal accident that occurred on a recent Thursday. One man lost his life in this accident.

A preliminary accident report indicates that the crash occurred in the vicinity of Los Fresnos in the early evening hours. Reportedly, an unidentified driver with one passenger was traveling east on Highway 100 in a pickup truck. For reasons yet to be determined, the driver lost control of the truck. The vehicle rolled over, ejecting the passenger.

The 23-year-old passenger — a La Feria resident — was rushed to a medical center where, sadly, he succumbed to his injuries. The driver was also taken to a hospital for treatment of injuries of which the severity was not reported. It is not known whether the two occupants of the pickup truck were restrained by their seat belts.

The surviving family members will naturally be overwhelmed by the trauma of the unexpected loss of a loved one in a fatal accident. While coping with the heartache, they will also be burdened with the high costs of end-of-life arrangements and other financial consequences typically associated with an unanticipated death. They may pursue financial relief by filing a wrongful death claim against the driver in a Texas civil court. They will have to establish negligence on the part of the pickup truck driver, but once the court determines financial liability, it will consider a monetary judgment to cover documented claims for emotional damages and financial losses that were brought about by the tragedy.

Source:, “La Feria man dead after vehicle accident”, Laura B. Martinez, April 15, 2016