Overall Traffic Fatalities Dip Nationally and in Texas

Federal data released on October 22, 2019, show a decline in overall crash fatalities in the U.S. Texas is no longer the country’s most deadly driving state.

Most Recent Data Shows Decline in Driving Fatalities

Figures released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show a 2.4 percent decline in roadway deaths nationally in 2018, dropping from 37,473 people in 2017 to 36,560 people in 2018. The fatality rate per 100 million miles dropped by 3.4 percent as well.
Contributing to the overall decrease in fatalities were several encouraging data points:

  • Deaths among people aged 14 and under dropped 10.3 percent
  • Deaths related to alcohol-impaired driving dipped 3.6 percent
  • Speeding-related fatalities declined 5.7 percent
  • Deadly motorcycle crashes declined 4.7 percent

In a press release, U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said, “This is encouraging news, but still far too many perished or were injured, and nearly all crashes are preventable, so much more work remains to be done to make America’s roads safer for everyone.”

There are several possible explanations for the reduction in deaths, including safety advocacy programs that urge people to never drive drunk, laws against texting while driving, and improved vehicle build quality.

NHTSA Acting Administrator James Owens said, “New vehicles are safer than older ones and when crashes occur, more new vehicles are with advanced technologies that prevent or reduce the severity of crashes.”

Overall Traffic Fatalities Dip Nationally and in Texas
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Texas No Longer the Deadliest Driving State

The new data showed a decrease of 2.4 percent in roadway deaths in Texas, matching the national number. The decrease means California had the nation’s deadliest roads in 2018, overtaking Texas. California had 3,884 fatalities and Texas had 3,732. Only two other states had more than 1,600 deaths: Florida and Georgia, making Texas and California by far the most dangerous states to drive in.

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