Motorcycle accident leaves Texas couple severely injured

Two motorcycle riders were severely injured recently on Southeast Stallings Drive in Nacogdoches. The motorcycle accident occurred when a woman was turning into a private driveway and moved directly in the path of the two motorcycles. According to a family spokesperson, both drivers were crippled and disfigured in the crash.

The Texas woman driving in the car failed a field sobriety test at the scene and was arrested for alleged drunk driving. It seems that she either did not see the oncoming bikes or was distracted, but may be held liable for the accident if she was indeed intoxicated at the time of the accident. The man suffered knee injuries but is recovering. The woman sustained more extensive injuries, including losing all of her teeth. She remains in critical condition and will require surgeries as well.

Friends of the injured couple are outraged at the accident, which they claim was completely avoidable. The driver has been charged with felony intoxicated assault from the accident. As the woman recovers, she may consider filing a personal injury suit against the driver to compensate her for the medical bills she is quickly incurring.

The extensive injuries that have been sustained by the motorcycle riders have required extensive medical care. The injured may exercise their rights under Texas law to file litigation to recover any medical expenses that have been incurred. As in all personal injury cases, careful examination of all evidence should be made before pursing any type of litigation. The victims will likely use the evidence from the accident as well as medical records to prove that the driver should be held liable for the motorcycle accident.

Source:, “Friends of motorcyclists injured in weekend accident say they are furious,” Michelle Reed, May 21, 2013