Man injured in car crash following police chase

When an individual is injured in a car crash, there are a number of ways to seek legal recourse. In many cases, criminal charges result from a Texas car crash, and victims are vindicated by the results of the criminal justice system. In other instances, victims decide to pursue a personal injury suit against the responsible party in an effort to recover damages associated with the incident.

Success in a personal injury case depends on the ability to prove that the other party was negligent. In some cases this can be a tough legal hurdle to cross. In others, it is almost a given. Such may be the case in a recent crash in which a driver was injured when his car was struck by a man fleeing police.

Police report that they attempted to stop the driver of a Volkswagen for speeding when the driver refused to pull over. A chase ensued, with speeds exceeding 120 mph. Eventually, the driver crashed into another vehicle, leaving that driver with injuries. Although the injuries were reported as minor at the time of the crash, in many instances the adrenaline rush following a crash can mask more serious injuries.

Should the injured driver decide to pursue a personal injury case against the driver of the Volkswagen, part of the legal strategy would involve determining whether negligence played a causal role in the car crash. In a case in which an accident took place during a police chase, negligence seems a given. Should this Texas victim choose to file suit, he stands to gain an award of damages that could cover the cost of his medical treatment and other expenses.

Source:, “Wild chase turns into fistfight after crash on Texas highway,” March 13, 2013