I Was Hurt in a Truck Accident and I’m Afraid I Can’t Afford a Lawyer

Facing mounting medical bills, expensive physical therapy, the inability to work, and other costly consequences, people injured in truck accidents find themselves saddled with hefty bills without an adequate way to pay them. Yes, the truck driver’s insurance company should cover some costs—but getting them to pay is a battle. And, insurance rarely compensates you for pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages.
The best way to obtain full and fair compensation after a truck wreck is with the help of a personal injury attorney. But many people don’t get the help they need because they don’t think they can afford to pay a lawyer.
This post explains how many lawyers handle injury cases without requiring clients to pay fees out of pocket.

Contingency Fees Give Injured People Access to Justice

Many Texas personal injury attorneys, including those here at Ted B. Lyon & Associates, know that paying for a lawyer out of pocket is just not possible for most people. To help ensure that every injured person can pursue legal action when necessary, injury attorneys frequently handle cases on something called a contingency basis.
Using a contingent fee arrangement, a lawyer handles a personal injury case from beginning to end, whether the end comes in the form of a settlement or a trial (truck accident claims and most other injury claims almost always settle out of court).
If the lawyer successfully settles your case or wins at trial, the attorney’s fee is paid out of the damages you receive. You may have to pay out of pocket for things like court filings, printing, and other costs as the case progresses, but the actual attorney’s fee gets taken out of the amount you win.

A Basic Example of How to Pay a Lawyer With a Contingency Fee

Here’s an example, using round numbers for easy math. Let’s say you were injured in a truck accident and you hire a lawyer. You sign an agreement that says you will pay the lawyer a 35 percent contingent fee. The lawyer gets you a total settlement of $100,000. In this scenario, the lawyer would take 35 percent of the settlement ($35,000) as payment for representing you, and you would get the remaining $65,000.
If the lawyer fails to recover compensation, you do not have to pay his or her fee. You would, however, have to pay certain costs the attorney incurred while handling your claim (the printing, court costs, and other costs mentioned earlier).

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