Hurst, Texas, homeowner is victim of 9th car crash

For most people, being the victim of a car crash even one time in life can be extremely traumatic. One time is enough to make a person hope that it never happens again. But for one Dallas area man, being a car accident victim seems to be a somewhat regular occurrence, despite the man not being on the road for any of them.

Recently, for the ninth time in 17 years, a car crashed into his home, causing significant property damage. Imagine being awoken to the sound of a car crashing into your dining room.This is what happened to this Dallas area homeowner. 

The 27-year-old driver of the car that the homeowner found in his home failed to stop at a stop sign, crossed several lanes of traffic, and then crashed through a brick garden wall and into the house. Police are still investigating whether alcohol was a factor in the crash.

The homeowner said that he has been fighting with the city to fix the problem for a long time. The city previously put up a guardrail, which in this caseproved to be insufficient because the car drove right past it into the man’s house.

We all know that car accidents can have any number of serious consequences, including death, catastrophic injuries and pain and suffering. As this story illustrates, another potential consequence that doesn’t as readily come to mind is significant property damage.

This homeowner will certainly be inconvenienced in the coming weeks and months as the damage to his home is repaired. Anyone who has suffered injury or property damage at the hands of a drunk driver or negligent driver should consider talking to an attorney.

Source: NBC Dallas Fort Worth, “Ninth car crash at Hurst homeowner’s property,” Ken Kalthoff, May 1, 2014