How to share the road with semi-trucks

On May 9, a semi-truck collided with an SUV in Sweetwater, resulting in multiple injuries. According to a preliminary synopsis from the Texas Department of Public Safety, the driver of the tractor-trailer was switching lanes and did not notice the SUV in the other lane. This Sweetwater truck accident seriously injured two people and resulted in non-incapacitating injuries in four others, including two children.

This is a recent example of why drivers must be safe and alert when driving near large trucks. 

Avoid blind spots

Large commercial trucks have blind spots that are more sizable than other vehicles’. These blind spots are located at the front, rear and both sides of the truck. The worst thing motorists can do is drive right alongside a truck where they cannot be noticed. Make sure you either slow down or pass safely to remain visible.

Pass safely

If you are going to pass a tractor-trailer, make sure you can see the truck driver in the mirror beforehand. Use your signals clearly, move into the other lane and promptly pass the truck. While you should avoid speeding or driving aggressively, do not linger in blind spots. Give the truck driver extra space when you pull in front of the larger vehicle. If a truck passes you, stay in the right lane and reduce your speed, giving plenty of space for the trucker to merge in front when changing lanes.

Practice patience and defensive driving at all times, but especially when near trucks. Be considerate when trucks are planning to change lanes. This not only makes it easier for both you and the driver, but it helps prevent accidents and injuries. If these precautions fail and you are involved in a crash with a truck like the one in Sweetwater, be sure to consult a personal injury lawyer for advice on seeking compensation.