How Common Are Drunk Driving Fatalities?

How Common Are Drunk Driving Fatalities?

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is currently running a campaign designed to show people the seriousness of drunk driving. The campaign, “Faces of Drunk Driving,” attacks a problem that is more common than many people believe. In 2020, 963 people were killed in drunk driving accidents in Texas. That works out to around one DUI death every nine hours.

Are Attitudes About Drunk Driving Shifting?

Depending on your age, you may remember a time when drinking and driving was not considered a serious problem. While tens of thousands of people were killed nationwide by drunk drivers, the issue somehow escaped the wrath of public perception. In the 1980s, drunk driving became known as a serious social problem that needed to be addressed.

While Americans have decided that drunk driving is bad, they may have a different standard of what that means than you or I do. When surveyed, nearly half of all drivers say they are capable of driving after drinking. Around 1 in 10 of the people who said they were able to drink and drive successfully had been convicted of DUIs previously. 

How to Deter Drunk Driving

Faces of Drunk Driving is attempting to combat the problem by showing Texas drivers people who are dealing with the consequences of alcohol-related crashes. By showing real people and the problems they are now facing, TxDOT hopes to stop drivers from getting behind the wheel after they’ve been drinking. 

It’s fair to wonder if that message will connect. The people who drink and drive generally don’t think of themselves as drunk drivers. They are often confident in their ability to drive after “a few” drinks. They may feel the same way about drunk driving that you do, but not equate what they are doing to the problem. 

A Serious Problem

Victims of drunk drivers understand what’s at stake. A drunk driving accident can lead to catastrophic injuriesor even death. The injured people and loved ones left behind will never get back what they’ve lost. 

Holding drunk drivers accountable for their negligence is the least we can do to address the problem. Alcohol-impaired people have never had more options when it comes to getting home safely. Cell phones and rideshare services leave little excuse to get behind the wheel while under the influence.

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