Government Works with Businesses to Reduce Driving Fatalities

Large-scale problems can rarely be solved by asking people to try harder. And tens of thousands of traffic deaths per year definitely qualify as a large-scale problem.

The U.S. Department of Transportation is asking people to try harder, but they’re also looking everywhere for partners to help stem the tide of motor vehicle deaths.

The National Roadway Safety Strategy

The USDOT has issued a call to action seeking assistance from any government agency, industry group, nonprofit organization, researcher, member of the public, or business. The call repeats the Department’s stated goal of zero fatalities from transportation accidents.

Given the distance from where we are as a nation to where the USDOT wants to go, it makes sense to seek help from anyone and everyone who might be able to make a difference.

Early Partners Respond

Among the corporations that have agreed to work with the DOT are 3M, Uber, Lyft, UPS, and Honda. Dozens of companies have joined the effort, with a wide range of contributions to the overall goal of reducing car and truck accidents.

Honda’s contribution is to improve teen driver safety. Uber and Lyft have pledged to work to reduce impaired driving. 3M is working to improve road signs and lane markers.

Behavior or Technology?

While technological advancements have improved driver safety, there may be a limit to what technology can do. The mission of zero fatalities won’t be possible as long as deadly car accidents are an accepted part of life.

Dangerous driving practices are all too common. Some of the most common forms of unsafe driving are so prevalent they might be considered mundane.

Speeding and tailgating are arguably more common than driving the speed limit or maintaining proper spacing between vehicles in many parts of the country. Law enforcement can play a role in changing these behaviors, but driver attitudes will likely have to shift as well.

The easiest wins, when it comes to reducing traffic deaths, are likely going to come from cutting back on drunk driving, distracted driving, and aggressive driving. Impaired drivers and speeding drivers are a large part of the problem on American roads.

The contributions of ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft could eliminate many drunk driving accidents if they can gain enough popularity to be the ordinary choice for anyone who has been drinking.

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