Friendly golf game ends in brain injury after violent argument

Golf has long been considered a gentleman’s game. It is different from many sports in that the rules are generally enforced by the players themselves, and the behavior of the participants is typically polite and civil. However, a recent afternoon round of golf proved that assumption to be wrong after a dispute over an ill-shot ball escalated into violence that left one Texas man with a brain injury.

A 27-year-old man and his three friends were just ending their late afternoon game at a golf club when a ball from another foursome was hit toward them. When the man picked up the ball and threw it off the green, an argument ensued between the two groups. One man from the other group swung his club at the 27-year-old’s head, knocking him to the ground. Reportedly, the man continued to beat him with the club.

When the police were called, the man with the club tried to flee, but could not because golf carts blocked his way. He was taken into custody and now faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Further charges may be added as police continue to investigate. Meanwhile, the victim remains hospitalized with a fractured skull and back injuries.

The types of injuries a man can inflict with a golf club may produce lifelong suffering. The victim in this incident has already spent days in a Texas hospital, and he may require further treatment or rehabilitation for his brain injury. He would be within his rights to consult an attorney to discuss the necessary steps to seek damages from the person who inflicted these injuries upon him.

Source:, “A leisurely round of golf turns brutally violent“, Azia Branson, Nov. 29, 2016