How common are brain injuries?

It is common knowledge among scientists and the medical community that the brain is among the most complex and important organs in the human body. Unfortunately, due to its location on the body, situated inside the head, it is not uncommon during accidents for the brain to suffer an injury.

Any strike or blow to the head could cause a head injury. Minor symptoms could include headaches and temporary memory loss, but severe traumatic brain injuries could lead to long-term or even life-long consequences including depression, a loss of motor skills, sensory losses, unconsciousness or even death.

Traumatic brain injuries are among the leading causes of injury deaths in the United States, including many victims from Texas, accounting for nearly one in every three injury deaths. On average, over 150 people die from brain injuries every day. In 2013, there were approximately 2.8 visits to hospitals related to traumatic brain injuries and approximately 50,000 deaths as a result. The leading cause of traumatic brain injuries are falls, often from construction and other workplace accidents. Being struck by an object is another common cause of brain injuries; these too often occur from workplace accidents or car accidents.

If you have been involved in an accident and have suffered a brain injury, you may be entitled for compensation. Whether it was a car accident, a slip and fall, or an accident at a workplace, if it can be determined that negligence played a role in the accident, you may want to consider filing a claim. You may be entitled to compensation to cover medical expenses and rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering as well as compensation for lost wages.

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