Four children survive fiery car crash on FM 3083

When children survive auto accidents in which their parents die, the tragedy is almost incomprehensible. The Texas Department of Public Safety reported such a tragic car crash that left only children as survivors. The incident reportedly occurred north of Houston on a recent Tuesday afternoon.

An accident report by troopers indicates that a pickup truck carrying five occupants was traveling on FM 3083. For unknown reasons, the driver veered across the center line. The truck smashed head-on into an SUV that was traveling in the opposite direction. There were two passengers in the SUV.

The collision resulted in flames, causing severe injuries to some of the occupants. Four people, including the drivers of the two vehicles, could not be saved, and they were all pronounced dead at the crash scene. The four survivors, who were all children, were all seriously injured. They were rushed to different hospitals. There is no indication of the identities or ages of the survivors or the deceased nor any information concerning in which vehicles the surviving children were traveling.

When children lose their parents in a car crash, many legal procedures typically follow to determine who will take care of them. Once that is determined, the guardian or other surviving family members may pursue financial relief by filing lawsuits on behalf of the injured children against the driver whose negligence is deemed responsible for the injuries and deaths. In this case, it may be possible for wrongful death claims related to the fatalities and personal injury claims to be filed against the estate of the driver who crossed over the center. If negligence can be established before a Texas civil court, documented claims for both financial and emotional damages will be considered for monetary compensation.

Source:, “DPS: 4 killed, 4 hurt in two-vehicle wreck in Texas”, April 21, 2016