Fatal Texas car crash ends the life of a talented musician

Any automobile fatality is a tragic event for the friends and family of the individuals killed in the incident. However, some accidents have effects that reach a larger community. The recent death of a promising musician in a Texas car crash has left many mourning not only the loss of a man, but the loss of his talent and potential.

The crash took place on a recent Sunday morning. An SUV carrying six men was travelling on Interstate 35 East when the driver lost control of the vehicle. The resulting crash rolled the vehicle multiple times and threw three of the occupants out of the vehicle. Two men lost their lives, and the crash led to the hospitalization of the other four.

One of those who died in the wreck was a promising hip-hop artist. The drive that ended in disaster was the return trip following a three-day performance tour. The group was confident that the tour would have been instrumental in accelerating the success already achieved by the 29-year-old artist.

Texas police are still investigating the incident, but believe that exhaustion may have led the driver to lose control after falling asleep at the wheel. While there is no doubt that these deaths were unintended, the fact remains that drivers assume responsibility for the safety and well-being of the passengers they carry, and a failure to meet those responsibilities can be construed as negligence. Criminal charges have not been issued at the time of this report, but could be the ultimate result of the investigation into this car crash. It is also possible that the driver will face civil suits in the matter, including personal injury and wrongful death claims.

Source: JournalStar.com, “2 Lincoln men, including hip-hop artist, die in Texas crash,” Nicholas Bergin, Dec. 4, 2012