Fatal car crash kills woman; wrong-way driver arrested for DUI

A car accident in Dallas can lead to significant injuries and fatalities. When there is a crash, those who were affected should be aware of the possibility that it was due to a driver who was under the influence, operated their vehicle recklessly, displayed negligence or behaved in a way that placed others in danger. With a fatal car crash, the number of issues will multiply when compared to what happens when there are injuries. Those who were affected should know the steps to take to file a wrongful death lawsuit to receive compensation.

A 23-year-old woman was arrested after a fatal accident in which she is believed to have been driving under the influence. She drove the wrong way on the roadway and had a head-on collision with another vehicle. The accident happened late in the evening. The vehicle that was hit went into another lane and was hit by a third vehicle; sadly, a 25-year-old female died. The driver of the third vehicle was also hospitalized. The injuries are not believed to be life-threatening. The alleged drunk driver was taken to the hospital for treatment. She was later arrested.

People who face the loss of a loved one in a fatal accident will have to pay for the funeral. But there are other issues that will be problematic as time passes. There is the obvious loss of companionship. Perhaps the person who died was a parent, a breadwinner or contributed to the family in various ways. There are many factors that should be considered after a fatal accident. People who are grieving over the loss might not realize the cost of all they have lost and accept an insurance company’s offer to preclude a lawsuit. This is a mistake. Discussing the case with a lawyer is crucial before doing anything else.

In this accident, a wrong-way driver crashed head-on into another vehicle. It led to the death of a 25-year-old woman. As the case is still being investigated and the alleged drunk driver was arrested, the deceased woman’s family should speak to a lawyer about a possible lawsuit.

Source: nbcdfw.com, “Woman Arrested in Fatal, Wrong-Way Crash on Central Expressway in Dallas,” Nov. 9, 2017