Driver’s alleged failure to yield causes car crash with injuries

Traveling on Texas roads can be dangerous, and drivers must be vigilant at all times. Regardless of a driver’s compliance with the rules of the road, he or she must always be prepared to react to the negligent driving of others. Another driver’s failure to yield can cause serious injuries in a car crash. An 80-year-old driver was recently ticketed after her alleged failure to yield caused an auto wreck.

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, the victim in this accident was a 35-year-old woman who was traveling in an SUV on Highway 6 in McLennan County on a recent Thursday morning. A driver of a vehicle on a side road allegedly failed to yield when she crossed the highway. This forced the SUV driver to take evasive action.

To avoid a collision, the SUV driver reportedly swerved to the left, causing her vehicle to leave the roadway. In an attempt to re-enter the roadway, she steered to the right, but overcorrected. The car skidded sideways and rolled over several times. The driver, who was not restrained, was ejected through the windshield. She was rushed to a hospital with a laceration on her forehead and several abrasions.

Although injuries may seem insignificant after such an accident, any trauma to the head can have severe consequences. Such unanticipated medical expenses can ruin the financial stability of a victim of a car crash. Financial relief may be pursued by filing a personal injury lawsuit in a Texas civil court. By establishing sufficient evidence of negligence on the part of the other driver, the injured victim may be awarded a monetary judgment to cover documented emotional and financial damages.

Source:, “Driver ejected after two-vehicle crash”, Estephany Escobar, June 9, 2016