Driver in car crash was using multiple drugs before accident

When a Texas car accident results in injuries, the victims have the ability to pursue justice in the form of a personal injury lawsuit against the driver responsible for the crash. A successful personal injury suit, however, requires proof of negligence on the part of the driver. This is easier to prove in some car crash cases than in others. However, there are some incidents that are so clear cut that success in court seems a given.

An example may be found in a recent car crash involving a driver who was under the influence of at least six different drugs at the time. The 27-year-old man was driving an Acura in Cypress, Texas when he left his lane of travel. He encountered a Ford that was travelling in the opposite direction, and subsequently crashed into that vehicle.

The Ford was driven by a woman who had her child with her in the back seat of their vehicle. The crash left both injured; the mother had to be transported by helicopter to a hospital for treatment, while the daughter was taken to a hospital by ambulance. The injuries to the mother were severe, and police report that she has had to undergo a total of 15 surgeries connected to the crash as of the date of the report.

The man who crashed into the victims was found to have six prescription medications in his system at the time of the crash. The drugs included hydrocodone and hydromorphone. He has been charges with intoxication assault, and will likely face a criminal trial in the matter. While the full details of the crash are not yet available. Due to the extreme nature of the drugs within his system at the time of the car crash, a successful outcome would be likely should the victims pursue personal injury claims against him in a Texas court of law.

Source:, “Cops: Cypress man had six drugs in system at time of crash,” Erin Mulvaney, Jan. 3, 2013