Delayed-effect injuries: how they can occur and what you can do

It is often the case that large things have small beginnings. This can be the case when you have been in what may at first seem to be a minor car accident with another vehicle. For instance, a low-speed, rear-end accident, caused when the driver behind you becomes distracted, may only cause a small scratch on your bumper. You get out of your car, spend a few minutes swapping insurance information with the other driver, and that’s that. Or so it seems.

A few weeks later you start noticing things: soreness in one of your shoulder and arms or pain when you turn your head in one direction. For some reason, your fingers in that sore arm seem to be going numb. At first you wait, hoping that the problem will get better on its own. 

Instead of getting better, the symptoms seem to become worse. They start interfering with your ability to do your job and with your relationship with your spouse and children at home. When you finally go to the doctor, the news is anything but good: a couple of the vertebrae in your neck are out of position. You may have a pinched nerve, and it might require surgery followed by an interval in which you will need to stay at home and can’t work.

All of this may be attributable to that seemingly minor “bumper-thumper” you got into a few months ago. And then you start to ask yourself questions. Is it too late to do anything about it? The accident happened so long ago, how can I prove there is a connection? I already settled with the insurance company, is it too late to make another claim? What kinds of medical expenses and other costs might I be able to recover? Will I have to file a lawsuit and go to trial?

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