Dallas Party Bus Accidents

Dallas Party Bus Accidents: What You Should Know

People rent party buses because they want to have a night of carefree fun. But these buses come with a history of accidents and injuries—from a Dallas party bus fire that was so hot it melted nearby power lines to crashes or injuries sustained by partiers as they were tossed around the inside of the bus.

Party Bus Operators Have the Duty to Provide a Safe Bus

Under common law, party bus owners and operators have a duty to provide a safe environment. The bus owner must take reasonable actions to make sure the environment is safe. This can include things like making sure sharp edges are covered by padding, fixing broken glass and making sure all door handles and emergency exits work properly.

If hazardous conditions on the party bus caused injury—for example, if the bus was not properly maintained or is an unsafe environment—the bus owner could be held responsible in court for injuries people sustained in the bus accident.

Drivers Must Be on Good Behavior

The law also requires that the bus operator be responsible for maintaining order on the bus. They could be held responsible if you were sexually harassed or hurt on the bus because they failed to properly maintain order.

The standard is high when alcohol is being served. Party bus operators can be held responsible for injuries that happen because of intoxication. Party bus operators also have the duty to ensure that people who are under the age of 21 are not drinking. Underage people cannot be served or driven to bars.

Some Party Bus Operators Limit Liability by Hiring Contractors

The way a business is organized can help protect it from liability in the event of accident or injury. Many party bus operators know this, so they hire drivers as independent contractors to limit their own liability. Because the driver is not technically employed by the company, taking action against the company owner due to the behavior of a driver may be complex. Your lawyer will look into the way the business is organized, and determine who to hold accountable for the harm.

Some Party Bus Accidents Are Caused by Other Drivers

Not all party bus accidents are the fault of the party bus operator. Some are caused by other drivers on the road. This can be especially true because party buses often operate late at night in areas where drunk driving is common and many intoxicated drivers are on the road. If another driver causes your party bus accident, that driver may be held accountable for the harm caused.

Get Legal Help After a Party Bus Accident

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