Dallas brain injury victims can make effective claims

A serious accident can produce lasting effects which may be critical. A car crash or major fall can lead to brain damage which in turn may cause permanent disability such as amnesia or even a coma. Any head injury might require rehabilitation or long-term care and impact one’s ability to work and participate in regular daily activities.

If that were not bad enough, insurance companies in Texas may argue over how much money is realistically necessary to cover the medical expenses of victims in the aftermath of their accidents. 

Insurance companies are there to provide accident compensation, but what they offer may not be enough. They are more concerned about saving themselves money than paying the victim.

In addition to the physical problems endured, brain injury victims may also experience emotional symptoms as side effects that require therapy. This may arguably be a direct result of the accident that caused physical injuries and should also be compensated accordingly.

The Law Firm of Ted B. Lyon & Associates can help in the aftermath of a traumatic brain injury. We represent clients who have suffered from various injuries and sought full compensation to which they are entitled.

Filing a claim means presenting relevant evidence to get as many expenses covered as possible. Our team investigates the cause of the accident and how the injuries have taken a toll on victims afterwards, sometimes calling on experts to provide testimony about the amount of a reasonable award to the plaintiff if the insurance companies that have not offered a fair settlement.