Car crash into side of Texas day car injures 6 children

It’s a huge fear for many parents: they head in to work only to get a phone call informing them that there has been an accident involving their children. In this case, the car crash at the Texas day care thankfully did not result in any fatalities. However, six children were injured when a woman ran her SUV into the side of the building on Feb. 3.

Police report that an elderly woman was attempting to park that Friday morning in front of the day care center. Somehow, instead of applying the brakes, she accidentally accelerated her SUV. The vehicle smashed through the front of the day care.

The center had 40 children inside that day. Six of the children were taken to local hospitals to be treated for the injuries they had sustained. Most of the injuries were minor, although at least one child suffered injuries to the ribs. The driver of the vehicle was also taken for evaluation to a local hospital.

Police are still investigating the accident to determine its cause. Regardless, the parents of the child who suffered rib injuries, as well as some of the other parents’ children, may have grounds for a personal injury suit. Anyone in Texas who has been injured in a car crash due to another driver’s fault or negligence has the right to seek the counsel of a personal injury attorney who can advise on the best course of action. Any monetary damages awarded from the guilty party’s insurance company can be used to help with the medical expenses resulting from injuries suffered in the accident.

Source:, “6 kids injured after SUV crashes into Texas day care center“, Feb. 3, 2017