Car accident in which car ran into home injures pregnant woman

A car accident can happen at anywhere at any time. People who head out on the road as drivers, bicyclists, motorcyclists or pedestrians might not think about the prospect of being in a crash with injuries and fatalities, but the possibility is always there. The one place where Dallas residents believe they are all-but guaranteed to be safe from being a car accident victim is in their home. Unfortunately, there are frequently stories of people being involved in car accidents when they are in or around their home. They have the right to seek compensation in a legal filing just as those who are in a car accident on the road do.

A pregnant woman was injured when a vehicle crashed into her home and hit her as she sat on a couch with her 1-year-old child. At the time of the accident, there were five people in the residence including three children. The woman was sent across the room. She was pinned against the wall in the kitchen. She was hospitalized with an injury to her head and a broken pelvis. There were no other injuries.

The driver of the SUV fled the scene after the crash, but was arrested when she returned to the scene later. It was found that an 18-year-old female was the driver. According to her, she was learning to drive with her sister-in-law. She lost control of the SUV and after the crashed fled because she was frightened. Law enforcement states that the SUV was speeding. The driver was arrested. The passenger had remained at the scene and was not arrested.

With any car accident, there can be injuries. Those who are hurt will often need to confront medical costs, lost time at work, the inability to contribute at home and other issues. Everyone who is in an auto accident with injuries or a fatality will need to address the accompanying problems. When the accident comes about while people are in their home, the aftereffects can be substantial. In this case, the injured woman is pregnant, making the situation even more dangerous. As the investigation moves forward, she should protect her rights by discussing the case with an attorney experienced in seeking compensation after a car accident.

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