Brain injuries pose medical as well as legal challenges

Injuries resulting from an accident that the fault of which is attributable to someone else, or from a reckless or even purposeful act, can result not only in financial losses but also in forced changes to the way that you and your loved ones live. Nowhere is this more true than in the case of a traumatic brain injury.

Traumatic brain injuries can create challenges in a number of ways. Their manifestations can prevent you from working, thereby reducing if not eliminating your source of household income. The specialized medical treatment that they require can take a long time – sometimes even for the remainder of the victim’s life – and that can lead to burdensome if not devastating medical bills that your medical insurance may not cover completely.

We at Ted B. Lyon & Associates want you to know that Texas personal injury law allows for your right to seek compensation in the form of damages if someone else has caused the harm to you, negligently or otherwise.

A brain injury-related trial, especially when a traumatic injury is involved, can present significant challenges to carry forward whether in settlement negotiations or in a civil law action. Expert medical testimony will almost always be needed, and given the usually high financial stakes that are involved you should expect that the defendants and their insurers will mount a vigorous defense.

With so much potentially at stake, your choice of an attorney in a traumatic brain injury case will be one of the most important and possibly far-reaching decisions that you can make. Choosing a law firm that includes as an integral part of its practice catastrophic injury cases can make a significant impact on your chances of receiving a fair and adequate settlement, or in prevailing at trial.